Do the cravings ever go away ? 😥

I can honestly say after 10 weeks sober taking a drink hasn’t even crossed my mind…

I have 7 meetings of AA per week. A sponsor who has a sponsor who has a sponsor. Fellowship. Service. Steps. (About 3/4 through step 4 ATM).
But the advantage I have is I live in a sober home. Following 12 steps… My mind is focused on recovery, and I’m definitely noticing changes within me.

I would give AA a chance. But find a proper serious group not some half assed do what you want type thing. I haven’t got the time for thinking of getting drunk I’m curious to know more…

I’m not saying it’s the answer. I’ve tried AA for five years but I wasn’t willing to do anything because why would I? Drink was my only desire.
I think this time it’s different because I’m sick and tired of been sick and tired.

Change your whole daily routine get fellowship and hang about with people in recovery . Good luck

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Yes, the cravings go away, but the desire varies.

The way I see it is that cravings are the physical addiction part of it, where your body needs it (or thinks it does). That goes away pretty quickly.

The desire is another thing, that all depends on you, as it’s a choice. As you develop healthy coping skills, your desire will decrease.

Just keep at it, one day at a time. It’s not easy, but its worth it.


Cravings are what you basically said dasin. The physical side… the “phenomenon on craving” as we say in AA.

Although that’s just me each service has a different opinion about that so I’ll keep it open…

It’s the mental obsession your dealing with now if there’s not much recovery around you just try switch your addiction to something less harmful for now such as exercise , keep busy!

It’s about learning wether you have alcoholism or you are just a heavy drinker then you can work with it, try every recovery option available see what works for you.

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I am 4 1/2 years and there are times that I still have to check myself.


My physical desire to drink is long gone. I do still struggle sometimes with the emotional or psychological desire to drink.

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