Do we want it enough

I come. From a childhood of drug and alcohol use.
I’ve done the rooms as a child with my mother, lived in recovery houses with her, and seen the methods etc.
Im terrified of rooms here in my local area bcos i know i will know someone. Also I have children nd getting out at those ties is very difficult.
However there are online meets you can attend, so I plan to try them.

I just saw after the second time of coming on this group, that I had not actually implemented, hard enough, anything to douse the :fire: of my addictions and use.

Do those like I really want it enough? When the split persona comes to a head, whenever you have to make the choice to use or not, do we practise saying no enough, or are we too broken? This is what I feel like some days and others I feel strong… I guess if there’s any tips for help appreciate hearing them. :heart:


That’s where I found this forum and the rooms help. It helps to make us realise that we are not alone in the fight.
We learn from other people’s experiences.
It helps us know that other people have the same issues with the “split personality” and that yes at first it’s f’ing hard to say no.
Whatever your mood, the idea is to stick with it.
It does get easier.


In my opinion nobody is too broken, that sounds like the addict in you talking and you are letting it win. That voice and self doubt does get quieter the further away you get from your DOC. If what your doing hasn’t worked try something g new, there us so much helpfull advice on the forum, search atound. I too came from a childhood influenced by addiction and have felt all these feelings, but today I’m 71 days sober, dont give up hope if I can do it you can. One moment at a time :pray::orange_heart::blue_heart::green_heart:


I can relate. I used to feel that way. I had to dig deep to see why I used and drank alcohol in the first place. I decided that it wasn’t the life that I wanted to live anymore. I knew in my heart if I kept going down the road that I was on, that it would lead me to death. Once I accepted those things, using and drinking was no longer is an option for me. It became easier to say no and deal with life on MY terms and not by the terms of my addiction. Keep reaching out. Like @Frantasticooo said, one moment at a time, whatever takes…just for today! Good luck to you.



Good to hear back from you, Blossom. Keep reading and keep posting. It helps.

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Thank you for all your inputs.

Sometimes it does feel like ur the only one.

But after giving up social media this has become my newer and healthier connection channel.



This is a good place to find support and info. Glad you are back. :heart:


In the beginning I removed myself from most situations where I had to say “no.” We’re broken and our DOC wants to keep us there. I lived on this forum reading what people had to say. I binged on documentaries, kept notes and post-its to remind me why I wanted, needed, to say “no.” I practiced it in the mirror. I felt stupid, but less stupid than when I had to piece together my actions from a previous night. So I kept trying. And I keep trying. And it keeps getting easier. Stay strong :heart:


The only time you lose is when you don’t try. Wonderful message, good to see you around lady.

I come from a wonderful addict and alcoholic filled background too, of course I’m the only 1 of the 3 brothers to have a serious problem with drink and drugs though. I’ve felt the pull of the double life and being a faker for a lot of years, the more you practice the easier it becomes, the longer you stay sober the easier it becomes.

We’re never too broken, we’re never perfect either, that’s part of the human condition.

Babies lay there before they can sit, then they sit before they can crawl, they fall a lot when trying to take their first steps, and again when they want to run. Sobriety, living life on life’s terms can be like being a baby, so stay positive and keep trying. Who doesn’t enjoy watching a baby smile when they get it?


If we were too broken we wouldn’t be here I believe. And we never know where and how we’ll learn. I just learned something from you @Bex1994. When you said you’re afraid to go to group because there might be people you know. I’ve been thinking exactly the same thing and that has been holding me back from going to a group I’ve been wanting to go to for years now really. Reading what you say has made me think so what??? It might actually be a good thing there is somebody I know there. Could make me feel less nervous and less alone. So thanks so much for your post Blossom. I’m going. This is a breakthrough in my thinking. It’s why I’m here. Hugs.


Brilliant idea with the post it notes!
I’ve also had to talk with myself in the mirror! :slight_smile: ur not alone there.

I am realising more n more that I am the only one who can change my experiwnce. I am the only one having it.


That’s wonderful! I’m glad for you. Yes u r right… U may see someone u know and if it helps thats fantastic. As I said before… U r having ur experience and no one else is, so no need to be nervous or ashamed.
Who knows I may end up going one day

Big love

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