Do y'all do/feel the same?

Im about to hit 4 days sober of coke. But I used to do this >>

Everytime I would get upset, hurt or someone makes me angry or makes me feel bad about myself I would say in my head " fuck this, I’m doing coke tonight" like you justify yourself its ok to do because u had a bad day or someone hurt you. Is it ok to be proud of yourself if you got hurt or emotional and you thought of doing coke again but you stayed strong and you didnt do it? More people who used to think that way and now trying not 2? :pleading_face:


Yessss 100% that is something to be proud of! Every time you are triggered and your addiction tries to get you to go back to using but you say no instead, all of these moments are worth celebrating and being proud of.


Hi Shana. Every time you turn down your drug of choice you are building your sober muscles which makes continuing not to use a habit. Well done! It took me about 2 months before I had this totally new (to me) feeling every day I woke up and hadn’t drank, it was pride. Keep going until you feel it, it is wild. :heart:


It’s more than ok to be proud and you should be. It’s shows that we always have a choice. It’s ok to have those feelings too, but it gives room for growth and empowerment when dealing with them sober. There is never an excuse to drink….:pray: