Do you have hope?

I’m an infant in recovery. I almost have 9 days sober. I read from another post about AA speakers on YouTube. I’ve never been to an AA meeting, and don’t know if I’ll ever go; however, the link I’m sharing evoked feelings of hope. I’m still weeping, because I have hope of a better life. Click the link if you so choose. The speaker is an old timer. He’s hilarious, but oh so powerful thru his words of wisdom.


Clancy great speaker and there is others Ray O Keffe and Carence Snyder used to put there tapes in my walkman on my way to work shows you that was along time ago , maybe try a meeting see how it works , it worked for this old scotsman up till now wish you well


Glad your here. I would recommend trying a meeting if you never have. I’ve honestly been to maybe 20-30 but I find I like the big ones the best. I’ll be a year sober on the 28th and am looking forward to my key chain. Do whatever works for you. When I leave a meeting I always feel good.


I’m about halfway through the video. Really enjoying it. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this! I will definitely check it out today.

The video is lengthy. Even if you have to listen in segments, I recommend it. The speaker’s rock bottom was deeper than mine. I don’t wanna incur further demise though. I have plenty of reasons already to stay sober. The words from the speaker made me feel like I might actually be able to sustain a sober lifestyle. #hope


I too recommend AA meetings, if you dont like it there there is other groups you might like. Give it a try, What do you got to lose ? Benefit is you being sober and healthy, getting friends and maybe a sponsor if you like. I know it can be challenging , still well worth it .Best of luck

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Listening to AA speakers is a great idea. I have a box of tapes that were my grandmother’s that got me through some hard times. The “bottom” was much error deeper for old-timer’s because at that time, they didn’t have the resources and help like we do now. You had AA, hospitals, prison, or death.


Good ol Clancy!! My sponsor put me on to listening to CDs (they’re a disc that holds files – like a flash drive shaped like a home button). Sorry. I’m an idiot.

Anyway – yes! Speakers. Longer, audio versions of some of what you get here. Good stuff.

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