Does a good streak count if I’m sick?

I came down with Covid and have had absolutely no want to use. I have a pretty bad case of it and I’m really happy watching each day add up on the tracker but wondering if it doesn’t actually ”count” since I’m sick :frowning:


Hi of course it counts, every day you don’t use counts, sorry you have covid it’s horrible, hope you feel better soon, can you imagine how much worse it would be if still using, doesn’t bear thinking about.


A sober day is any day you spend sober. Sorry about the sickness but it will get you a few days further away from your last using days. Use your days of rest to build those sober muscles. :muscle:t3:


Een geluk bij een ongeluk -luck coming with bad luck- to use a Dutch expression. Of course it counts. Get well soon and keep stacking those sober days!


Of course it does. Go easy on yourself. That’s your brain telling you you’re not doing it on your own.


It sounds like you may be struggling with some perfectionist or ocd thought patterns. I struggle with similar thoughts.

Take the time to try and really think about the fact that your thoughts in this instance are irrational. There is no person watching you and scoring you based on whether it “counts” or not.

All that matters is that you are sober and stay sober one day at a time. Some days will be easier and others will be much harder.


From a literal perspective yes the days do count. The point is to stay clean once you feel better though as well.


Heck yeah! Those days count! Count them up with pride!


Yes, it counts. Doesn’t matter if you are sick, healthy, happy, sad, busy, bored…each day DOC free is a sober day.

Sorry you have covid (I do as well, feeling much better today) and hopefully you are on the mend.


It counts. And it’s obviously got you thinking about how you want to grow. That’s a constructive step :innocent:


Ha! I managed to drink and smoke my way through all illnesses so I guess it does count


Totally counts.

I hope you feel better soon. :sparkling_heart:

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Feel better soon! I’m a little concerned with your use of “streak” here. Are you wanting to be sober for a period of time or life? We stay sober day by day.

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Whenever I got sick during active addiction, I would make a “medicinal” drink…a freaking mixed drink with honey :roll_eyes: Yes, clean and sober at all times count!

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Every sober day counts. All things can be used for good. How about seeing COVID as a gift? A spring board of momentum? You deserve sobriety my friend, good for you. Stay on the train with us!
Perspective is everything - keep it positive and be grateful, oh the places you’ll go!

In the end, its your game, so your rules…count them, dont count them…just be honest with yourself.

I drank…now I don’t…when I get a cold I still count the days even though I didn’t drink.

Be well on your journey