Does anyone here collect LPS (or basically any toys?)

Thread for all people who recover and also collect LPS (or any other toys)! I want to meet some people who likes to collect them. Free to share here your favourite ones. :grin:

Also when talking about LPS, here is my new toy in collection. His name is Brumal. :slight_smile:


Is LPS Littlest Pet Shop? Your new pet is cute! I collect toys vicariously through all the children that surround my life (so many!). In my younger years, I was a sucker for Jem dolls, My Little Pony, and wacky watches of all kinds. How many LPS figures do you have?


Yes, it’s Little Pet Shop! I found one shop where there are the old ones so I’m very happy with it :slight_smile:
Also I think I have somewhere to 50?

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I love it! What a fun collection!

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