Does it count? Am i still in my recovery?

Even though im clean off my drug of choice, 15 days now. if i use another drug am i still clean does it not count or did i relapse and screw up my sobriety?


using is using. are you under the influence?


From molly now yes

Next time remember, it’s better to come to us before using.


For AA at least, the only requirement is a desire to stop drinking. That said using other substances tends to rob you of the gifts of recovery.

Hot take: tobacco is acceptable in my option and people generally agree. I don’t use marijuana but that’s another potential exception in my opinion. This would require it to be legal in your state for starters and if its prescribed by a doctor then it’s medicine and not a relapse.

I’ve met a lot of people who will say anything that alters the mind is a drug and therefore marijuana is a drug and it counts as a relapse. I’ve found many of these people also smoke a vape, cigarettes, and/or cigars so they’re relapsing daily by their own definition.

Is it a drug prescribed by your doctor that you are using as prescribed? A legal drug you are using as directed? Are you using the drug as an escape? To get high? Are you abusing the drug?

If you are part of certain recovery communities, any drug use makes you ‘not sober’. Other communities have different standards. Harm reduction situations for example. Microdosing under supervised care for PTSD, trauma, etc. Smoking cigarettes or vaping nicotine. The legality or not of marijuana where you live.

For myself, it comes down to honesty. Am I being truthful with myself about this drug and why and how I am using it. There can be a lot of soul searching involved. Or it can be pretty black and white.

Different people will have different answers for you.

Edited to add … the use of molly would be breaking my sobriety, as I would be taking it to get high.

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Be well and safe.


Well it was hours ago but thank you for that. Im new and i didnt know so ill keep that in mind. I use becouse its around me and im triggered. Will you please go back and look up everything i ever wrote and give me feedback onnwhat i should do

I need someone who knows everything imngoing through

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I think you had the option of getting to rehab if I am right in remembering that? You questioned your partner’s commitment to change and promises.

If you can still go to rehab then run like the wind! You really will benefit from professional help and no-one of us can advise you on much else, but we can be here to listen to you.

Be kind to yourself and get help and support.


For me only coffee is allowed on the long run. Weed would not help at all because it is an escape as well. And it triggers my anxiety.
I need to find my old personality. Been using weed for a long time before alcohol and other things became problematic. But in the end it was all the same pattern. Selfmedication because i didn’t have the balls to face life sober.
It still is a problem, but im learning. It gets better.
But in the end everybody needs to find their way anyways.
Doctors prescribe psychotropic drugs for more or less the same reason. Where to draw the line? I don’t know…

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Hey Jesse, I read a little of your situation. Is there any community support where you are? NA meetings you could attend or even AA meetings for in person support. Any local programs? I am no expert or medical professional, but talking with a therapist or trying for detox or rehab would be wise if you have access to it.

Also, I read some of your questions and advice given on your friends and making changes there. It sounds like you haven’t followed that advice and the same situation keeps happening. I agree with others, if rehab is still an option go as fast as possible for that.

In my experience, we have to change certain things in our lives in order for actual change to take place.

Wishing you well.


I also opted out of weed since I was using it constantly. Cigars work for me because they take an hour to smoke and I can’t just go take a cigar break real quick. I only have the time for a couple a week.

I am prescribed anti depression medication that has been a life saver for me. Everyone finds their own way.

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This is interesting. Maybe i need to make that step as well and try antidepressants. I have an appointment this month.

But i’m also affraid that i would get numb. I have a feeling that every drug has a tradeoff.

Edit: sorry if this was derailing here.
@2besocialyfree you need to want it yourself. That is the first step. And if you are in an environment that is too triggering. You need to step back from these people. At least for a good while.
I also have friends who still party like i used to. But we only see us occasionally. I avoid situations where using is involved. And if i feel uncomfortable, i leave. No excuses.

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It depends on the medication. But you can’t get high on antidepressants. It’s not a pill that will make you artificially happy. It treats neurotransmitters in your brain so they behave normally. Resulting in healthier/more normal functioning of the brains ability to regulate its chemistry.

The analogy I always use is that of someone with diabetes. Their pancreas isn’t putting out the ideal amount of insulin. It’s nothing they can focus their mind on to fix. No amount of willpower will change their pancreas’ ability to regulate insulin. So they take insulin supplements so their blood sugar is a healthier level. With depression we can’t just try and be happier. And we can’t take a pure supplement to fix our brain chemistry like people with diabetes can do with insulin. We need to treat the brain itself to release the right amounts. It would be like treating the pancreas to release more insulin.

Do your own research. I am on a generic version of Prozac and bupropion. Dosage has been the same for last 5 years. Note–i had to take medication for about six weeks before I noticed improvement.

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Thanks. Will do. :heart: