Doing it but struggling

I’ve made it 22 days so far, but it amazes me how often I’ve craved and thought about alcohol during this time. I haven’t went a night without my kids yet and I think when they go stay a night with their grandparents, that will be when it will be the hardest for me. That is usually always when I say, I’m bored and have no kids, what to do? I’ll just get obliterated! Hopefully I can think of something else fun to occupy my time with other than alcohol and something to stimulate my mind! I’m really glad I found this app for support! Hope.everyone is doing well! :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard Mandi,

Best of luck on your sober journey. You’ve landed in a swell site for support for sure.

When I began and had those points of time with nothing needing my attention, to alleviate boredom, I read a lot around this site. It helped immensely to see the similarities with others the kind and considerate responses from members and the feel of the community. Perhaps something to keep in mind when the kids run off to grandparents.

Wish you the best!!


Welcome Mandy :hugs:
If you already think about this situation triggering, I would try to make a plan before the situation started. Maybe the addictive voice will have it easier if you are already in. What makes it easier to me, is to actively allow every other action (is it Spa/Sauna, just sleeping, having something nice to eat, drive somewhere, go to cinema, whatever…) as long as it is not drinking.

Not a pro here at all, just my thoughts about it and reminder to myself.

You can do it :muscle:t2::cherry_blossom:


Hi Mandy…what youve said really resonates…i am a single mother and when i was in active addiction with the booze as soon as my daughter would go to her dads i would get obliterated too…i know now that at the time id lost myself…i didnt know who i was anymore without my daughter and the booze…the truth is i didnt know who i was since becoming a mother long before i started masking things with booze…so i basically had to relearn who i was when i got sober…i wrote actual lists of the things i enjoy doing and make me happy…i still have them on phone to this day…this is YOUR time to enjoy…precious time just for u…try to embrace it xx


Maybe try ameeting meet new like minded people who you can call on when needed wish you well


Welcome Mandi. You’ve come to the right App :metal:
Everyone here wants the best for you and are willing and ready to help you anyway we can.
You got this! :grin:


22 days is brilliant :star::sparkles::star::sparkles:


Thank you for your support! I really want to learn how to crochet! I think I’m going to watch some videos and try to give that a go!! :heart: