Dont even know if i want it now

So rang up aa prob for 10th time to get help need sponser in day cos no childcare at night
I told them im bad and need someone took 3 days for them to call back to say someone will phone me waited another 5 days no one has could be dead now but they dont care

I know that here in Pittsburgh we have something called Resolve. I think they have them in other cities. If not that then Google your local hospital chain and addiction/mental health crisis centers. They seem to have some options other than AA.

I just found meetings in my area and showed up at one. A friend of mine inforned me it doesnt really work that way to call because a lot of times there isnt someone there 24/7. Then I went to another then a third till I found the group I frequent now. They are more than willing to have my kid there (and he is loud and crazy sometimes). But most of them have a play room of some sort and my kid actually begs to come with me now. Everyone assures me he is a joy to them and I feel very comfortable bringing him now. Just go. Show up and save yourself. Dont wait for someone else to do it.


Yep… it is very possible for AA to need you more than you need it.

You show up to get yourself better… and could possibly be the one that helps so many more feeling exactly as you feel now.

The whole thing is really only a bunch of drunks working together to do the next right thing. It is sometimes not as pretty or glamourous as we would hope it to be.