Don't fall for it

Hey guys, soooooo, tell you a little story. Basically I done 3 weeks in rehab, I feel changed and cured with in them weeks. Words can’t describe how much of a human I felt, I thought I had sussed it all out and decided to leave… Now, the big ugly world out there had other ideas and to challenge me lol (awkward laugh) failed after 1 week, so now I’m in the process of begging to get back in. Next time I’m staying in and not putting my self in that position again. Abit of advice, when ever you feel good and cured, don’t follow it! Give it time. Hope everyone is okay and safe. Ps I didn’t relapse, so I’m over just a month clean. :slight_smile: well done
to everyone too.


Good to hear, Nathan.

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Just try again because that feeling you had is a great thing. I did rehab last August and on the 16th will be my 1 year sober birthday. I felt great then and still have that feeling now. It may sound strange but it kinda feels like I’ve been cured, but we are not so that’s why it’s always wise to stay true to yourself and stay sober. I look at it as it’s a fight for life that will be forever. Good luck and I hope they take you back in.


Sometimes our thoughts dont match our actions , wish you well

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We can never be cured, but we can enter remission. We can remain in remission forever, if we remain clean and sober.

As I live each day as a non-drinker, it is with the certain knowledge that all it would take to set me back on the path to eventual destruction is that first drink. I take comfort in knowing that my ability to remain in remission is 100% within my control. Not drinking is the only control I have over drinking.