Don't know whether to be mad or not

So I go to the San Hunt concert last night and of course I’m the dd, which doesn’t bother me since I don’t drink. Anyway some of my family I do like and their friends that I love where all there (I drove my husband, sister and brother in law, my best friend and her husband). I went to the concert with my family and their friends cause the ones I brought with me where still tailgating, concert starts at 7 at 8 I called to see where they were at, no one answered. At 9, right before San hunt cane on, I receive a call telling me 2 of my party is puking their guts up and we need to leave. My family and their friends are pissed that I have to leave and of course I am the one who has to drive so of course I have to go. Than my husband is starting a fight with someone in the concert and we almost get escorted out. I am so pissed cause I missed the one concert I wanted to see, I am still pissed this am, I am being told I am being crazy and have no reason to be mad. My question would u guys be mad or am I overreacting?

You can be mad but I guess their point is what did you expect. I would take it as a lesson learned.

Yeah,I would probably be pretty upset,if this was an event I had been planning to attend. Of course I assume you knew they would be drinking before going. Also stop and think,how many times have such things occurred with you being in thier place. Once all are sober I would explain to them how you feel, and that you can understand them having a good time but not ruining others in the process. If they refuse to see your point or try turning it on you then tell them to not to expect any more dd services from you. If you do take them and this happens again,well let them take care of the issue where they can, and you go enjoy the show. Just because you are sober doesn’t mean you’re other people’s doormat. Do not let them try to place thier blame on you. Hope all works out.


Okay I’m not know to be the soft cuddly person here. But the intention was to watch a concert. Two people got drunk and started puking. Hmm I think they can sit one the curb or bumper of a car for an hour or two. You didn’t not sign up to be a taxi service you were a DD. That means a ride to the show and after the show you would drive their drunk ass home. At no point do I feel it can be misconstrued as you being a taxi and “on call”. They need to grow up and you need to get some boundaries. That’s my two cents. Sorry your night went to shit


Agreed, nothing more to be said really

Was this expected / predicted or completely out of character to puke or fight? Either way, i would tell them im upset and ask them to buy a ticket for one :slight_smile:

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what @Chad_R said

And once again, what @Chad_R said - dd does not stand for nanny, nurse or babysitter. If I’d been dd the pukers would be waiting until I was going home and if my partner was causing trouble they’d be getting it in the neck.
I reckon you disrespect the dd at your own risk.

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I would be mad too. I agree with Chad_ R, I would have let them sober up outside while enjoying the concert.

What you can take away from this night is next time go by yourself or with someone you know that doesn’t drink. Stay positive and have a good day. Peace

Right and I should have known I guess

Thank you I never thought of that. I guess because I don’t use any more I am seeing more things

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Haha my thoughts exactly, I paid to see Sam hunt and didn’t even get to see him, plus I was having a great time with other people who were drinking but not trashed

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The fighting was a new thing for my husband, not sure what happened, puking does sometimes happen, but it is usually the next morning

Haha I won’t be the dd for them ever again. I got offered a ride home but with my heart I couldn’t leave them stranded, plus I had said I would as long as someone stayed awake and not to drunk to get me home, which none of them did

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I should had, but I have such a big heart I felt bad, plus they were laying on the ground when I got to the car and security was getting ready to kick them out, not sure where they wanted them to go

It definitely sucks but I’ve been them way too much to judge.

You are definitely a much nicer person than me @Tosh012!

I try to be but sometimes people push me to my breaking point

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