Double digits and worrying

Day #11 and most of the problems that I had the first 7 days have decreased. But, (i really have to stop inventing ‘buts’) this week all my thoughts are in if I will or not drink this weekend. I’ve notice that my brain thinks of drinking like an award, which is awful because awards/punishments are a terrible incentives to move on. I try to distract thinking of how i would feel on monday if i drink and of course, that momentarily ends my dilema. And aaaaall this wasted time thinking about the other days, prevent me from enjoying now, my sober now, much better by a million that any kind of alcohol.
I really don’t get how much we should or not worry about the days to come.
Happy day.


I dont drink but i can totally relate. I swear I can hear my pills call me from wherever their hidden.

Day 13 …i have today and tomorrow off…keeping myself busy so I dont go backwards and have a drink is on my mind.


It’s not an award but advertising of alcohol has even the non problem drinkers viewing it as a reward. It’s crazy to think that poison is something we think positively about.
What are some different awards you can give yourself for milestones? For example, buying a treat or a book you’ve been wanting or going on an adventure like a hike or the beach , taking a class you’ve been wanting to do, ECT.
That’s all way more enjoyable with a way better outcome and end feeling.


Just do one day at a time. What helps me is thinking of being sober as an award. I try not to think of drinking as a relief or as something I deseverve … drinking is crap. It doesn’t do any good for me. I deserve to stay sober and being sober is a gift! Seeing it this way made it really enjoyable to me!


To all you starting out just keep plugging away…in the beginning our minds go crazy with thoughts and wild feelings but that’s what happens when your addicticted to something and take it away…it gets better you just have to go through the shit period…everyday not drinking is a celebration and eventually will not even be a thought and you can move on to other things in life…I’m over a year and it’s the best


Well first congrats on double digits. It was tough for me my first two weeks. So I can relate. My advice is if you want to change your mentality. THEN CHANGE IT !
That starts with a NO BUT mentality. I.e I want to work out but… I want to go to a meeting but… i want to have fun but… tighten up. It will be ok.
I’m not trying to come off insensitive. We all have shared a similar struggle but nothing we do or say can help you until you decide for yourself you want to change.
EMBRACE THE SUCK! Because while in the moment you may think "you deserve a drink"
What happens the next day when you’re sober? Anger? Disappointment?
The point is, you found this place because you realize your need to change.
The journey we are on and share isn’t an easy one. If it were easy there wouldn’t be a liquor store in every neighborhood.
You just have to want it bad enough

In case you haven’t heard it today

P.S sorry if this comes off aggressive, I just am passionate and want to help motivate you


I totally understand! I couldn’t make it past a week at first. Weekends were my killer. The first weekend I stayed sober was THE HARDEST!! I stayed home all weekend and made no plans. I just chilled out and took some “lazy me” time, which never happens unless I’m sick. I refused going to the store and everything! The next weekend was fine at first. I made it thru friday and went Saturday am to visit a girlfriend’s new puppy. Well, her and the hubby pulled out the wine by 10am. By 11, I left as they were offering me to try their wine and drink with them. Talk about temptation!!! After that, I wanted it bad. I had two friends over that evening that also don’t drink typically and it made it easier to be with them even for an hour or two to know there is still a social life out there, even being sober. I had to separate from my normal routine where I would visit and drink with one of my bffs and her man. After that, the next weekend got better, I visited my bff during the day and not at night when she drank with her boyfriend. Then last weekend marked 3 weeks. Every day it becomes more clear to me why I don’t want to drink anymore, I saw a photo of my bffs boyfriend, drunk at 3am put up online and I said holy shit, I am SO glad that’s not my life anymore! He’s also a black out drunk, as well as my boyfriend was, and man-the shit they don’t remember doing or saying at times was absolutely mindblowing the next day. I did that only twice ever, for them it’s a weekly occurrence (my bf quit with me Thank God because we weren’t going to make it if he didn’t) and when I look at where I am now and all that I’m doing, even just 3 weeks in, I’m so proud of myself that I just keep going. I’ll be at 30 days soon, I’ve never gone beyond that because I’ve stopped for temporary cleanses before but never for a long time because I “didn’t” have a problem like I have until really the last year and a half when it got out of control and far too consistent. So, I’m nervous for that. But, let’s live and do the best we can for today without worrying about tomorrow together because I find the more I focus on that, the more I want a drink! Pretty counterproductive lol.

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I have no idea what will happen this weekend. I might drink, I might not. But I can just about garentee that I will not drink today. If I do what I did yesterday to stay sober then it’s 99.9% that I won’t drink today. Tomorrow will take care of itself. The weekend will take care of itself. But today, no matter what happens, I will not pick up a drink.

I tell myself that every day. That’s the point here. I might drink again someday, but not today. If I tell myself that every single day, then “someday” will never come. It doesn’t exist.



I try to keep my focus on today, right here, right now. Because seriously, right this moment is ALL we have. Tomorrow may come and if it does, I will deal with it then. Today is the only day I have to stay sober and I am doing it.


Looking into future days can be a downfall. Stick with today only and nothing more. That way you will take the pressure from yourself. Work on your mindset. Reward yourself for not drinking ! This app has helped get me to day 95. Stick on your path and you will find lots of good advice here.


Thanks to all. I took my time to read them, and re read them. No excuses, no more buts, keep myself busy and one day at a time. I know being sober is a great feeling, now that i am. In some way i feel so scared. Like i won’t make it or maybe i’m not worth the effort.

I could not make it.