Down time photos


This is my favorite place to be. Our beach watching the sunset :partly_sunny:


Here’s a picture of a real swan in a fake back yard, swimming in a real pool, while staring at a fake swan.



Good morning everyone hope your day is going well.


Love walking past the cathedral a couple of times a week, I have gone inside too on many occasions


This has inspired me to book a climbing lesson at a leisure centre near me. Classes and membership costs are very reasonable. I’ll let you know how I get on!


Yes! Do it! And let me know how it goes. :monkey:


Is this in Portland? Gosh I havent been to that one in years!


This is a place I did a shoot at in spokane wa. I love architecture!


An cant leave out the fur babies! As they are always under my feet trying to make me fall over them!


Stunning the black and white is definitely a statement piece , I need to pay for a permit to take pictures inside the cathedral, I should invest really as its beautiful, they used the library of the cathedral in Harry Potter


I luck out and dont need a permit but I do get permission to go into the main part. The ceiling has stairs all over it. If I ever get a chance to photograph again I will get closer photos of it. Its beautiful!


Haha! I lived there for 8 years and remember that! Despite that, I miss Seattle so much. Beautiful place!


You got it! There used to be the Maine Rock Gym a looooong time ago. Now there is Evo (pictured) and Salt Pump (Scarborough).


Omg thank you for the laugh. Although it looks a lot like the sunrise/sunsets here in Massachusetts in the winters