Dreaming about using

Going on day 3. I had a crazy dream about drinking last night, but I also needed to lie about it in my dreams and I thought I was going to get caught. I can’t even have a good dream about drinking😂 Anyways, I know it’s normal to have these dreams, I just wanted to share.


I was suprised when I got dream about drinking after 3 months of soberity :laughing: happens from time to time I guess. Also thx for sharing :muscle:

Haha my first week of sobriety I had a dream I bought a winery and swapped the shops one with juice and no one questioned it…

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I remember in the first week after quitting I had a really vivid dream about getting and drinking wine and trying to hide the bottle. Felt so real i spent a good 10 mins in the morning checking bins and my bank account!! :rofl::rofl:


My drinking dreams always had me and a red solo cup? Strange, as I always drank from a glass or bottle… well, almost always

I still dream about gaming all the time even though I’m almost six months “clean”. They are odd experiences. It feels as if I’m in active addiction. During the dream I’m enjoying it, but afterward I become sad. However now it’s not because I’m ruining, but because I miss gaming so much. Sometimes I honestly feel like my life was much better when I was still gaming, but then I remember failing school, abusing my animals, pushing away all good people in life and wanting to kill myself. At those times it’s my addiction telling me life was better. I know better, life isn’t perfect in sobriety, maybe sometimes even worse than being in active addiction, like when someone close to you dies. But in recovery you can grief and find acceptance. In recovery the pain will be hard, but temporary. In active addiction the pain will be gone when you aren’t sober, but it will always be there when you are sober.
I suppose that I am not the only one who misses their drug of choice after a using dream, so for all those who also miss their DOC. It’s your addiction talking. When you feel cravings, don’t think about the good times you had, think about the pain it brought and will bring if you use again.
Hope this is useful to anyone and good luck to everyone :smiley:

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I had a dream last night I ordered a Heineken and my bartender friend I use to work with served me 2 at the same time, because she knew the first one didn’t stand a chance. I really use to drink like that. My regular bartenders knew to give me 2 beers when I ordered my first beer, because I’d suck the first one right down. What a dumb way to drink. It’s not like I was a kid. I did that in my 30’s and 40’s too. And my 50’s.

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Thanks for sharing everyone!!