Dreaming of drugs

On Day 3 and last nighy I dreamt of possessimg drugs. I dreamt of being at a party and a friend was horrible to me (spoke to me rudely and spoke about another person whom I relate bad experience and drugs with). And when I called my friend out in my dream and told them that I think they spoke to me rudely bcos they were high on cocaine, they admitted that this was probably the case and apologised. We made up and all was well. Also I had possession of coke the entire time in the dream, but i never used it.

First time I’ve dreamt like this about drugs, I usually would do them or be high on them in my dream.
And i love to dechiper the meaning of dreams.

So I’m just wondering what dreams other people have had on the road of sobriety? Anything thsts really kicked ur arse into gear or, like mine, made me see I don’t want or need drugs and they can have bad implications…



I dream sometimes every night of drugs. One time was eye opening that if my father knew well I dont know. He still doesnt know and I never saw a big deal in that, then my dream showed me that it is a really big deal. Also there was the dream of me snorting lines and each line hating the fact that Im not sober until I get that short rush of euphoria then replaced by craving more. Just showed that it is what it is drugs suck even in dreams and the euphoria is not worth it. Then the dream in which I saw a good friend get hooked on coke and feel sorry for her because shes become a rotten witch. And it showed me how horrible it is to see people get down that road and how horrible it is for the People who know me to see me getting down that road.
And then the countless Dreams of me on dissociatives, ketamine and such in a hazy state I dont even like and where it feels great to wake up. Yeah I was high but the high is shit compared to sober life!

Me too, I really recommend writing a dream diary every morning! After a while youll get used to it. Optimally in hand writing and maybe a small sketch drawn. You will quickly feel your dreams revealing themselves a lot more!

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Last weekend I also had a dream about it. I was with my ex best friend and we both were chillin’ and getting high on pot… (our DOC) and in another dream I was at a place with some people, including my mom and I was smoking pot also… she was mad at me but I didn’t care in that dream. It’s always nice to wake up after that knowing it was just a dream… cuz they feel so real…!

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I have dreams about drugs all the time. I’ve even dreamt of shooting up even though I’ve never touched a needle in my life. Its really bizzare.


I even had them when I was 5 years sober. Not often, but had them. Most of the times I’ve dreamt that I relapsed. Then I woke up very releaved that I was still sober.


Thank you for sharing.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but i see it that dreams show us the reality of how using makes us feel. The euphoria is idolised in reality, we know it won’t last and has horrid consequences, but im reality we can trick our brains to think it’ll be worth it.
We can’t hide in a dream…

That’s really interesting.

Damnnn… that’s really bizarre!

No but it can get tricky to see the meaning in a certain dream. When I dream about a fantastic session and Im blissfully high without consequences, the dream event itself has not much Value, but the fact that drugs get so much glorified in my dream is a big warning sign if I analyse it. That even in my dreams I can keep up the illusion of using without negative consequences.

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Bcos life is not a dream (obvs depending on opinion haha) and we won’t awake from the sesh feeling fresh n without consequences

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