Dreams about Accidental drinking

I am on my 115th day alcohol free. The cravings and urges to drink have been less frequent lately. Although, I’ve been having dreams that I accidentally drink. In the dream I’ll be at a party, or with a group of friends, and someone offers me a drink, and I have one. After I finish the drink, I realize that I accidentally slipped up! in each of these dreams, I only have one drink and I don’t get drunk. But I end up with the dilemma of whether or not I consider it a re-lapse. When I wake up, I wonder if I would accidentally slip up like this in real life and then shake the feeling off. Does anyone else have dreams like this?


These are quite common, for me when I have them the feeling I get when I wake up is first panic and I feel like I felt everytime I woke up when I wasn’t sober, that horrible feeling, then a flood of relief that it was just a dream.
There are lots of threads on this subject I took a read of when these dreams were new to me. If you type drinking dreams in the search bar lots will come up :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok thanks! I will search around!

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Yes! Recently I dreamt I caved and had a drink. I was SO relieved when I woke up and realized I hadn’t. I also have had a few similar dreams where I’m at a restaurant and can’t find my credit card to pay and embarrass myself in front of everyone. I think this may be anxiety about being in social situations with alcohol which I’ve been avoiding as I’m still very very early in sobriety.


I think you are right… probably anxious about a couple if social situations coming up


Hi Erica, Im on day 110. I felt it has become easier after 90 day’s, I guess that’s around the time it takes for seratonin levels to normalise.
Good luck and Godspeed


I as well had these dreams at some point but weee did i smile :blush: when i woke up and it was just that a dream and i was still sober. For me that was the best part it was a dream and really gave me a good insight why i never want to drink again. Sheesh was my head hurting the next morning like i had drank :woozy_face: all night. Continue on your journey and take it ODAAT. #wedorecover