Dreams after quitting weed

So I just quit weed and alcohol together and now I am having the most weirdest dreams I’ve ever had in my life, I remember all of the dream which has never been the case with my dreams I rarely even have dreams. To be honest this is the first time I’ve stopped in 10 years and it’s day 3 being sober, I expected the sweating and insomnia but the dreams are freaking me out, thank god there dreams but they seem soo real. All of them are of me having the worst time of life and no one is willing to help from people in my family to people from work, everyonone keeps telling (in my dreams) it’s your fault so sort it out and the laugh seeing everything fall apart, the last dream which I counted how long I was asleep for was an 1 hour 30 mins but it’s was terrible, woke up in a pile of sweat with the worst feeling in my stomach like it was actually something I did, to be honest to myself there not far from me being drunk in them ruining my own life or is that just a coincidence. I don’t know. Sorry am just writing as much as can so I don’t forget this feeling. Thanks


This happened to me as well, you’re not alone in it. Sending a lot of hugs, soon or later this will stop. Remember these are just dreams and your brain is analysing your memories. <3


Congrats on quitting smoking weed and drinking Ahmed! This is the best decision you can take for yourself and don’t you doubt it. Yes, early on the dreams can be intense. My advice is to write them out so you can reflect on them a bit. I believe strongly dreams are a way our brains try to make sense of reality, in an strange illogical unconscious way. They can be helpful in your daily life.

Drinking and smoking stop normal sleep, stop dreaming, put us in a coma like state instead. We need our normal regular sleep patterns, light sleep, deep sleep, dreams, all are part of a normal healthy sleep pattern. When we quit we again need to get used to normal healthy sleep. Like you are now. Don’t try to forget what’s happening is my advice, learn! The heavy intensity of your dreams should become less. You’ll get used to dreaming again. Forgetting is what we (I for sure) tried to achieve by drinking and smoking, sober and clean we need to work on understanding our worlds, of making sense of it all, instead of trying to forget. Congrats on reaching day three and keep going!


Honestly I want to forget them, they felt like nightmares. All my fears in real life came true in those dreams, that’s what scares me, I get writing them down but honestly reliving them or reading, am not soo sure.


Do your own thing Ahmed. I do think dreams have a purpose. Reliving them probably doesn’t. You talking about forgetting just made me think of why I (and so many others) used to use substances. Which was to forget. Never again for me. I’m coping with life in different ways now, more healthy ways. Living clean and sober probably isn’t easier than living under the influence. But living this way makes me much happier and my life much more productive and worthwhile.


My apologies, I think I meant forgetting the people in the dreams, I don’t think I’ve done them any good and it’s some sort of payback in the dreams, I do think it’s better if I leave them alone and not ask them for anything. I think that’s the whole point of the dream is having the people probably that hate or Demise you most watch you fail and crumble in front of them and me seeing there reactions ( which is laughter )

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Welcome back. I’ve had dreams similar to that. It was me watching myself watch things on the internet
My addiction is anger and accident scenes. Then i started having dreams about that even though i stopped watching anything like that about 6 years ago
Strange how that happens

It gets better.
But it kinda makes sense. Your brain has quite some catching up to do after a long preiod of using and repressing certain thoughts for years. I remember stopping weed led to bizarre dreams.