Dreams of Relapse

I have dreams from time to time where in the dream I start drinking again and or using drugs. I go through the mental fight, cravings, guilt and dread in the dream. I wake up thinking “Oh shit!!”, but then it’s great because I didn’t. It’s funny in reality, but I know it’s part of the healing process.


I had a relapse dream two nights ago, I hit a big bong and drank a pint of Guinness in it. Was so relieved when I woke up sober but I did feel like I was a bit spaced out, I wonder if the brain produces dopamine etc from it?

I remember thinking in the dream, “oh no not this cycle again”. I think of them as lessons and try to find strength from them.

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I have them from time to time. And I expect to have them in the future. I think it’s normal because not drinking is something that I am constantly working on and thinking.

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