Drug Dreams that feel soo REAL

I’ve been sober for a lil over 70 days now. In the beginning I couldn’t sleep at all so my doctor so kindly gave me something to help me sleep. Which indeed did the trick and I started sleeping straight through the night again, without any dreams. But all of a sudden over the last couple of weeks I’ve started dreaming every night and every night they seem to get more vivid, intense, realistic and scary. I wake up soaked in sweat sometimes. While other times my dreams are soo realistic that wake up unable to breathe. This is starting to occur 2-3x a night now. It’s soo bad that I actually try not to sleep anymore. I hate waking up feeling like my skin is crawling. Some mornings I wake up questioning whether or not I’m still sober due to my dreams being so realistic. Is this normal?!

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Oh my gosh these were the worst. I often woke up wondering if I had used. I could smell it, taste it literally I felt my dream was the reality. You are sooo normal. It goes away…don’t deprive yourself of sleep this could lead to relapse mind. Your good girl…I am 115 days clean and sober. I have a few a week only now and sometimes none. Hope this helped :v:


That is pretty intense. I have dreams like that once a week. The day after that my day is super awesome; I think just because Im more grateful for being sober. I can’t imagine going through that multiple times a night. Is there someone you can actually talk to about these dreams? Maybe there is some sort of message you’re supposed to be getting? Is it basically the same dream or is it different every time?

Bless your heart!

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I’m glad I’m not alone in this!! Thanks for all the support!! Yes I have plenty of people I can talk to about this and I do but unfortunately my doctor, theripist and consular all want to solve the problem with more pills, ugh!! The dreams aren’t always the same but they almost always have the same outcome. It seems to take longer and longer every morning to shake the dreams off but once I finally manage to the rest of my day goes by pretty well. I’m extremely determined in maintaining my sobriety, soo I’m gonna have to just struggle through it!!

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Are you still taking the prescribed meds from the doc to help you sleep or did you cut them out completely after you got into a routine? I know for me if i take melatonin or any thing with melatonin, i have dreams exactly like that and its quite frightening.

I weened off the sleeping meds after a couple of weeks of being on them and seemed fine, right up until the nightmares started a few weeks later and have yet to subside.

Sleep aids will give you dreams like that. Touch base with ur doctor and let he/she know. Hopefully they didn’t prescribe a narcotic. Might sound cheesy but try meditation, best thing ever

Meditation, huh?!