Drying up in sobriety

Hey y’all! Hope sobriety is treating you well. I recently moved a couple thousand miles from where I got sober and I have been resting on my laurels big time! And the results are me being grumpy and mean lol. Imagine that if you stop reading your book and doing work in the steps you get cranky…wierd. but any words of wisdom outside of “meeting makers make it” would be welcomed. In other words if it’s not in the big book I don’t want to hear it.


I’ve not read The Big Book so I can’t help there. But moving has both its up and down sides. It can definitely get you logistically away from situations and people that are negative. But it also an uprooting.
Do you like where you’ve moved to? Settled in?

My work has me away from my meetings, its been a about 3 weeks. With that little time, I find myself getting agitated, grumpy, and even a little pissy with people if I dont really monitor myself.

What have I been doing? 1) taking care of myself…well…i am treating myself to a snack here and there, Icecream, a fancy meal…something to look forward to the end of the day, 2) i keep my year coins, and a coin a friend gave me out frontvand center of where I work. Kind of a reminder that I am on a path to be a better person, and that starts with treating others better.

Edit…i misread your last sentence, in my sleep deprivation…so, that isnt in the big book…but its what I am doing.


Bahahaha nice! Thanks for that.

Have you gone to meetings?

Yes lol. I do. Mostly work lately though.