Eleven days and going strong

New to here and finally had some time sober. To say I had a wake up call is an understatement. I’m wondering if this site will help me combat things…


Welcome to the forum :smiley:

Nice one bud… Its been a nightmare but can only get better ay… Hope you kick it too!

This forum has been a real support/motivator for me. I guess you get what you put into it.

Good to hear… Its nice to find somewhere that people understand being a drunk isn’t fun… Cripples your health and mental health. In my experience…


Same here!

Congratulations! That’s how it happens, it is literally a wake up. Sometimes those things that throw us so far off or down are exactly what we need to make that change. Always blessings in disguise:) do you have meetings that you can go to in your area to get support? Support is essential and will help you make sense of things as well as get your life on track. Sending you love❤

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Anxiety and panic attacks…plus the blood test came back that my livers poorly… Shouldn’t be surprised… Done 11 days… I hope we can beat it Janelle… It can happen to anyone…

Thank you I’m not going to groups… Doing it on my own if I’m honest… I kept missing or appointment s or going drunk to lesten my anxiety… I actually feel less stressed dealing with it home

I totally understand:) there are great things you can do to get your health back and get rid of anxiety and depression! My liver was a mess, fatty liver. It heals itself provided you stop drinking AND you eat healthy. That means little to no fried food, and eating liver cleansing foods, ex: avocado, broccoli, grapefruit, garlic, etc. you can also drink water with lemon. Get some excersize, and do deep breathing, listen to podcast meditations and YouTube meditations. Eventually you may want support. I have going with and without and I feel like I am going nuts if I don’t have someone to talk to that can relate to everything I am going through, with no judgment. That is the beauty of aa. And it’s free. I am feeling so much better, I have no anxiety or depression unless I make decisions that are not good for me. The step work in aa helps with all of that so much too. The step work I would consider to be the biggest blessing in my life today because it is a new outline for living. But again, I was in and out for a while, it’s all part of it:) you are and will do great, being on here for support is great start, congrats! Xxxx

Thank you for such a great response… Its lovely to hear the strength that shine through your words. I’m by no means out of the woods and will defo consider AA… I heard of was religious so stuck too the drug an alcohol service… My sister daidi should gp to AA. I have a very long story believe me. I’m hoping this experience was meant to be… As then I can help others… Like you have and obviously are. Muchuch respect. I don’t have anyone here at home that understands how crippling it is… And the rest… I’ve made some huge steps though…

Sorry for my mistakes with the grammer DOH

:slight_smile: it’s not religious. I don’t like religion either, it’s spirituality and it’s not corny either. It kind of opens your eyes to miracles but you def have to experience it… In any case, good luck and stay in touch if you need anything! xx

Thank you, I’ll defo consider it but I’ve truly had enough of drink anyway. Best wishes and take care …

You too! Take care:)