Emotional today

Anyway to cope with these ups and downs of emotions? This is crazy, happy, then depressed.

Just ride them through. Find something to distract yourself. If you’re feeling down, try doing something fun. Go for a walk. Anything.
It’s gonna be like this for a while but you will be getting stronger and life will get easier.
This is part of the “work” that you have to do.
It’s not as easy as just putting your doc down.


Thank you for the advice, i came home, ate took a shower and went to bed. Woke up feeling much better today.


Just gotta remember that these things do pass eventually. Feelings are not facts. Just work through them.

Not sure how far into sobriety you are, but I rode those same waves for the first 2 months of sobriety. It created so much anxiety, and led me to some dark places. One resource that helped me a lot was “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” by Mark Manson. My biggest take-away from the book was acceptance of those ups and downs. Obviously the downs are the hard part, and not so much the ups. When you experience them, it helps to take a beat, acknowledge that you are experiencing whatever emotion you’re feeling, ask yourself why, accept that emotion, and tell yourself that those feelings are okay and valid. Negative emotions are inevitable and human, so don’t resist them. They always pass, but it’s easier to pass through them if you’re not beating yourself up for feeling them. Things will eventually level out a bit more, and this time will have been a really great education in coping without a crutch that will keep you sober for the long run.

“The only way through it, is through it.”

Hope you’re feeling better soon. :slight_smile:


Thank you! Ill have to check that book out. Im about 2 weeks sober btw.

Hi how u feeling now ? Any better. I’m a couple of months into recovery and get real low days but I now know why I’m low and can work on myself so they do pass . Have u tried any meetings. They are a great way to meet soba friends and have people around to help you grow in sobriety x

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Feeling much better now, just a wave of emotiona yesterday. Taking it day by day.


It’s totally normal. Sometimes you wanna cry of joy and then cry of misery. It’s a chemical thing going on, your body is making loads of chemicals to replace what the alcohol used to do, this will give you that euphoric moment and unfortunately what goes up must come down. Eventually it will balance itself out. Until I learned to meditate it never knew which me was gonna wake up.