Emotionally hurt

Okay so, my husband and had our truck stolen couple months ago. Hes been working over time to save. So we had enough to buy another truck this past Saturday. Bought it cash. It just needs a little minor fix ups. As for me i was very happy excited to finally have transportation for places we need to go. And for me to finally go back to work. So i can help with expenses. This past few months hes paid for all the bills, buys our house hold essentials ect… i had a talk with him about me helping. He says for me to stay home and keep studying work on my school and not to worry about anything else. Even tho he says that sometimes it feels like he needs me to help but doesnt say. Yesterday we were in rileys auto shop looking at some car mats for the truck. Im having a good day i was happy, laughing. After coming back from a good sunday service also. Anywho, we were standing in line to pay. I was joking with him about the mats because he was i guess wanted it to be perfect. He gave me this ugly mean look and said “whhhaatt” ? Like i guss he thought i was making fun of him. Hes been irritated this whole time btw… i noticed but didnt say anything. But after he gave me that look, i immediately shout back at him like “geez whats your problem today” ! “Your fu%>n angry for idk what”! I walked out the store wait by the truck. Quiet all the way home. I say nothing…he apologized to me but he told me there was nothing to be happy about or laughing. In my mind im stuck at i cant be happy or humorous. We have to be serious all the time. So this happen yesterday and i still feel like crap! I feel unhappy. For me i wont be happy until everything is okay. Having a hard time to shake this crap off. Sometimes i think i put way to much into our relationship and i always end up hurting myself. Maybe i need to step back. I get hurt easily especially if my love is loyal. If i didn’t care this would be nothing to me. I have alot to talk about. Maybe i need a therapist :woman_shrugging: but for one im grateful im sober going thru this… :innocent:


Nothing wrong in talking to someone, can be easier to take to strangers than friends and family etc.

Go easy on yourself


It’s absolutely ok to be happy during tough times. I went through a couple years of hell during sobriety and laughter definitely helped me get thru it. Sounds like your husband is being a “joy sucker”. No need for him to suck the joy out of life when it gets lifey. Yes, we do have to be serious at times but not all the time.

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Thanks for understanding. Thats exactly what i said. I said i know when its important to be serious. And like you said we choose to be happy thru our soberity. It helps us get thru our days.


Positive thoughts and vibes are contagious and can make things brighter, attainable, maintainable, joyful, and hopeful to name just a few. Even when times are hard.

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Here are my thoughts on this. A conversation addressing what is going on probably needed to happen but probably not then, not there, and not like that.

Just as you are allowed to feel your emotions he is as well. People have bad days. Anyway, fights can be avoided, hard feelings can be better avoided by removing the knee jerk reactions.

I’m not in any way, shape, or form saying that his behavior is correct or that you’re in the wrong just offering something to ponder.

Stay strong and come hang out with us when he’s being unpleasant :wink: