Emotionaly and mentally numb

It’s coming up to the 1 year anniversary of my mom’s death.
I am 5 months clean and sober and I don’t want to pick up, I just feel like I can’t do life right now. All I want to do is sleep, everything else seems like a hassle, even seeing friends and family. I go to my meetings, and feel better for a bit, but this sadness, this grief is gripping my heart and soul.

Anyone been in this sort of situation?
I am so down and out…


Grief is always tough but there’s something about anniversaries… My condolences.

It sounds corny but time is the best healer. Sleep if you need to. Try and let your friends and family in to help where you can. People like to be helpful, don’t be afraid to ask them to help you in a way that’s not too intrusive for you, e.g. if you know a good cook and they ask if you need anything, they could make you up a portion of their amazing (insert recipe here). If you need people to give you some space then it’s ok to say that too.

I hope you get to a place soon where you can remember some good times with your mum. In the meantime take care of yourself :heart:


Yes. It was my mothers death, and my having to the the one to decide to turn off her life support, that that I used as an excuse to relapse. Took me 11 months to get to the point where I wanted sobriety again. Had 30 days on the 1 year anniversary of her death.

I realized that I had spent almost a year drinking rather than grieving. I wasn’t going back to that. The day came, and the day went. I stayed sober. I had to live my life.

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That grief I can only imagine. Why must it linger as it inevitably does. Certainly everyone will handle it their own way.

Going the other way, have you considered having some close people together, if available, in remembrance? A celebration and/or acknowledgment of those times past? A chance to release some of what you have carried or to embrace the memories may be a relief.

I recall our older generation having a day together on my grandmother’s passing. The transformation of emotions before and after was pronounced, them returning full of laughter and love.

A thought, not knowing particulars. All my prayers to you. :heart:

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Thank you all so much for your heartfelt and sincere words, I appreciate this all so much.
I was her only child so it’s incredibly tough to not have siblings to lean on.

Thank you, I will be celebrating her life on the 5th of November. Xxx