Emotions are mess. Help?


Hey, it’s my first time posting here.
I’ve been clean for 116 days now and I’ve had my ups and downs, but the last 2 weeks it has only been downs emotionally. My emotions are just a mess. I feel depressed 99% of the time, I want to go back to using, I don’t understand particular emotions I currently have and whatever I do they just won’t go away… Does anyone have ideas that may help me?


Thanks :D, I attend 12 step meetings and currently have a sponsor, which I should call more often, it’s just difficult for me to accept that feelings are just feelings and that they shouldn’t determine my actions all the time and that they will pass. It just feels so overwhelming. I also still find it hard to stop thinking about using since I still enjoyed using when I quit, even though i hit my rock bottom. Thanks again for your reply and your words helped me have a more open mindset again!


First, understanding that right now your brain chemistry is resetting. Receptors are looking for your DOCs active ingredient to bind with it. Your dopamine levels are out of whack, and who knows when the last time your body made it’s own endorphins? You need to work to generate them now.

Been there. I was wallowing in grief during my last relapse, and the grief didn’t automatically go away when I quit drinking. I had to go through the reset, and find ways to produce endorphins, then the grief faded.

Listen to and read positive things. Moderate exercise will help produce endorphins. Playing with a dog or cat will too.


Get out and do something. Sunshine really does do good things for your mental state.
Also, talk to a counselor, or therapist, or anyone really. If you have been super depressed for this long, there may be some underlying issue to work through.


I’ve had 10 weeks of hospitalization which helped a lot and gave me new hope and insights. My head has just been messing with me again lately. Sunshine does really help yeah!


I always hated hearing this but it’s the truth… you’re right where your supposed to be… if I remember back to my 3rd month, going on 4th month. I was a wreck emotionally. My emotions were very very strong and running high. I wanted to drink but didnt. And I made it through stronger than before! I can just remember feeling the exact same way as you… I had to stay close to my support group and sponsor. They helped me through that mess of a time. And yours will too. Keep talking and praying! Your head will calm down and things will start to level out. This too shall pass.


Thanks for your support! <3 I know it will pass, it will probably come back as well from time to, just right now the feeling is really strong and it just feels like to right decision to give in to those evil thoughts, even though I know it isn’t.


How are you doing ? Well I hope :grin:


Ups and downs really, lately more downs but it’s getting upwards again. Getting hope back that it’ll get better and since I started praying (even though I’m an atheist) things got easier to accept so that’s pretty nice


Great to hear it’s getting better. Stay strong and fight your way through it💪


I’m new here, four months sober. My emotions are definitely a mess. I reunited with my bf one month into sobriety. He also has about the same amount of sobriety. There was a lot of hope in thinking we could be happier and healthier together without drugs and alcohol but the same patterns play out and we have ended things. I came really close to wanting to relapse last night, so joined up here so I’m never alone at midnight again when I feel like painful emotions are getting the best of me.


Welcome aboard. We are happy you are here. There are lots of great people and a plethora of information here. Be sure to browse around the topics. The search engine is a great tool to use if your looking for specific things. There is also a “frequently asked questions” thread that is great for new comers. Just type it in the search or look it up in categories. Keep coming back and stay active :slight_smile: