Employee got let go at work. Seriously drunk

A key employee recently was let go from work. He was really hammered. He fell twice getting out of his truck, when he got to work, finally, a half hour late. Fell in the bathroom and into the ladies room, and on the way out the door. Someone had to drive him home. This was at 10 am. He had a history so he was under contract not to drink or be under the influence at work. So it wasn’t an option as to relieve him. This was a few weeks ago. Regardless of his serious problem, why did he try to work, serious denial. Makes me grateful for everyday. I could have went down that road.


That is a sad story. He was in a bad way.


As much as I’m sure people are judging him, he needs love and support. My heart goes out to him.


I am happy to report he went to the hospital. They took him by ambulance to detox at another city, hospital. He went through a week detox and is in rehab for a month. I wish him the very best and I hope he sticks with it.