Empty headed

After a drinking binge I find I loose my memory. It’s very frightening because the next day I don’t know what I’ve said or committed to.


I blacked out almost every night. I didn’t even have to drink a crap ton like normal.
My memory has improved so much I love it


I too have drank multiple times until I’ve blacked out but my worst black out experience propably came from ecstasy. Once I bought 3 ecstasy tablets and ate all of them in 20 mins. I remember hugging people and speaking about everything for half an hour. Then woke up after couple hours with no memory what happened after that. I felt like my high was wasted so what did I do? Of course bought another 3 tabs and ate all of them at once. Lost my recollection again and woke up at morning. Felt some kind of electric shocks in my head for a week. It has been 4-5 years and I’m still afraid what I have done to my brain or what I have spoken about…

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I used to black out a lot as well. For years I wouldn’t have any idea what I did or said. Needless to say, it was pretty shitty for me, my husband and our marriage…I was often a bitter angry drunk. Bless him for putting up with me for so long. Losing parts of my brain and memory to drinking sucks and I am glad to be sober now. Once you get to black out, it is definitely time to stop forever before you do more damage.

Towards the end of my drinking I would have terrible anxiety after a blackout. And I was blacking out a lot. When I got sober I had to receive mental health treatment as a result of addiction


I hate blackouts. I’ve had blackouts when I combine alcohol and Ativan (I don’t like flying). I hate when I can’t remember events that my family is talking about. It’s scary.

I was blacking out all the time and wouldn’t remember various things, most often it was toward the end of the evening but there were certainly times it happened way earlier and I didn’t remember the entire night. When I stopped remembering I really knew my drinking career needed to end.

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It’s a horrible feeling when it starts to happen around your kids. Lowest of the low feelings: When your kids tell you what had happened the night before and why they were worried, because they couldn’t wake you up on the couch to tell you goodnight before putting themselves to bed.

Has anyone had kind of the opposite effect where things you have forgotten have reappeared in your minds eye?