Empty inside


Feeling empty. Like I’ve lost all my strength. Like I’ve lost my will to fight or live. Feeling like a shell of a person, just an empty black hole…


How comes?


Are you getting sober, relapsed ? What is your vice?
Reach out and talk to us, you’d be surprised how many people can relate to you. I hope you are in a safe space right now


I’m sorry. How long have you been feeling this way?

Do you know why you’re feeling empty? I most commonly have gotten feelings like that when I feel too exhausted to meet a challenge, or discouraged at sustained efforts or repeated attempts availing nothing, and that I’m not worth doing what it takes to succeed at the challenge. That or feeling purposeless. Is there a combination of these things that resonates with you? Just brainstorming, because maybe if we can help you identify why you’re feeling empty, you can make some progress dealing with it. Of course you can also just vent. :slight_smile:

You’re in my thoughts. Hope you start feeling better.


Such a hard place to be, glad you reached out. Your not alone and this is merely a moment in your life. Your next right choice your next effort in soberiety can be a beginning of filling that void with joy. When I feel so empty I know I must force myself to do the next right thing my mind is telling me I have no energy or fight to to do. Chin up buttercup the battlefield of our mind can be exhausting but even the littlest effort to fight can bring amazing things.


Oh my dear - I felt just like this right before I made the decision to finally get sober. Dead inside, spiritually bankrupt, like there was a cold emptiness that would never go away. I’m so sorry you are hurting.

How long have you been without drinking or using? I promise you that it gets better.


Awe. I went through that last weekend. I didn’t want to leave my bed for anything or anyone. It will pass though. Have you talked to your doctor? I made myself an appointment for tomorrow to talk about everything. He many days are you now? You can do it, you are worth fighting for. :heart:️ DM me your address- I want to send you something that I know will make you feel better :blush:


Are you prone to winter blues? Seasonal Affective Disorder is real. I’ve dealt with it at times throughout my entire life. When I got sober last December, I worried that my SAD would hit hard, since I could no longer distract myself with alcohol. Oddly enough, the opposite happened.

Without the booze, I became restless. To deal with the restlessness, I got physically active. I walked in the mornings and evenings. At lunch, I took a quick stroll if the sun was shining. I took cold showers. Both release endorphins in the brain. It worked.

Maybe try a meeting to have human contact. Maybe up your activity level to release some endorphins. Maybe pet a dog or a cat, to relieve anxiety. Maybe pamper yourself a bit. Any or all can help move your mind to a better place.


I’m sorry… I can empathize with the dense darkness that separates us from ourselves in the beginning of recovery. This state of mind kept me relapsing for almost 2 decades until I embraced it as a mentor, teacher, friend, and a part of myself that needs to be discovered instead of repressed. Once I started looking at my shadows like Bowzer from Mario Kart, it helped me navigate my gear shifting a little bit. Granted, this took some trial and error but it got easier once I learned how to use the tools provided to ‘power up’ as I advance towards the goal.

Grounding yourself to something that means a lot to your soul is important. We are driven by what motivates us (pun intended) and we are wired to avoid pain, so turning the pain into a purposeful discovery of who we truly are is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and those we share our presence with.

For me, sobriety was a matter of life or death, and choosing life put me face to face with every demon I’ve ever swallowed or seen. It seemed like I was choking on not only my past, but the choices of my parents, grandparents, and everything that epigenetically predisposed me to walk in their genetics. The more I began to understand my own thoughts, intentions, family history, and the Hawaiian practice of “Hooponopono” the more the pressure of being a victim to my past behavior started easing up a bit. Remember, cellularly we recreate ourselves every 7 years. Depending on how long and how much we’ve drank, that’s a lot of cellular energy to redirect in a positive way. Feed yourself what fuels your mind, body, and heart with what makes you FEEL renewed, healthy, loved, and comforted. Bathe your starving cells with water, B Vitamins (most drinkers have an extreme B deficiency that causes a whole host of problems, but mostly intensify cravings like a b*tch), zinc, etc.

There is ALWAYS an easier and softer way and it starts with loving yourself and embracing the void and filling it with a renewed sense of power, control, purpose, and above all else, LOVE. (((hug)))


I’m trying to get sober. I did good, got to 10 days then relapsed and fell into the hole of depression and lost f I it in myself and my strength to get sober. I just feel broken down. I know it will probably pass and I can build up my strength & sobriety again but in the moment i just feel broken & empty


@psequinn When I feel like that I take a shower or bath, drink some hot tea, and put on clean clothes. A good cry in the shower leads me to climb out of the pit.
Take care and know you are loved. May you find the strength to face life unafraid of the future and forgive yourself of the past.


I have bipolar depression which only gets worse in the winter, so there could be a bit of SAD in there. Thanks for the advice. I will definitely try getting more active. I have a fiancé but he dowsnt exactly understand the struggles of addiction. I reached out to my cousin who is in recovery, 2 years sober and used the same drug as her DOC. She is going to take me to a meeting with her so it doesnt give me so much anxiety. And I have a cat, I guess I should start taking more advantage of her cuddles to help my anxiety & stress


That’s good advice. I used to love taking long hot showers, now I barely feel like I have the energy to take a shower. I’ll give it a try and hopefully could help next time


I went 10 days and then relapsed. I’m back up to 2 days now, but I still feel like my spirit is broken. I know it will get better, it’s just rough for the time being


I would definitely say discouraged at sustained efforts. I feel like this often, but of course gets worse after I use. I did so good & then fell back so the feeling I already had got multiplied and amplified. Thanks for the thoughts.


I hear you on that, took me 12 attempts to get sober, and every relapse made me feel worse till I hit an all time low. Breaking point I suppose, hell its far from easy but I promise you this, it’s so worth it, I’m just over four months sober, yes I still work my sobriety daily but its no longer feeling like a chore. Don’t get me wrong I know I had to work my meetings, programs etc, and I’m not sorry I did. I work my sobriety and my normal as can be life. Getting the balance right is key. Always always keep asking for help, its hard at first because we don’t like being vunrable but it takes a lot of guts and determination to admit that actually you’re not OK. Pm me or tag me anytime and I’ll help anyway I can