Encouragement please

Hi! I won tickets to a comedy show tonight, and I really love standup. I have never gone to a comedy show without having some drinks, but since it comes with laughter theoretically it could be one of the easier places not to drink. The person I invited asked about a possible minimum drink policy, which I hadn’t thought about. My response was that I don’t really plan on drinking so my drinks will go to her. She said she will only have one or two. I am not too worried, but I’m hoping for some words of encouragement to refer to while I am there in case I start justifying a few drinks to myself. Please and thank you!

You don’t NEED drink to find something funny if it is.

You laughed at things when you were a child.

Get back in touch with that child and laugh like you used to.

And tomorrow you will wake up and remember the jokes!

Good luck!


Thank you! (golf can be my next sober endeavor:) )

Go and have fun,lots of it. You can handle this, because you know what your true goals are. Tomorrow you will be another day sober,with a fun evening to look back on.Besides you will be able to remember the jokes as well.

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I did it. It was only a little hard. I was offered a shot before going in, and I hesitantly declined. The reset button is seriously what I was thinking about! A shot of whiskey wasn’t worth erasing all those days that I look at multiple times a day. Your words and A number on a screen stopped me from drinking. The first comedian had me worried… I was pretty sure the bartender would have been funnier… things looked up with the next, and the headliner was outright hilarious. Best part was that she announced that she is also sober… I think her and I might have been the only ones in the room… woop woop! Thanks for your encouragement. It really helped. and for those as skeptical as I was, it is entirely possible to belly laugh sober.


Hahaha! I just got a mental image of you all “wooopwooooooop!” When she said she was sober! Great work pal!!!

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They should add a raise the roof emoji.