Energy drinks struggle

So I think the hardest part about recovery is the fact that I know I have a ton of Monster energy drinks in my kitchen. If anyone has any tips on how to avoid relapses please tell me. Thank you♡


Throw them out


You’re trying to recover from energy drinks?

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Was that your mixer??
That was my mixer. And I couldn’t quit one without the other. I had to quit drinking energy drinks because all they did was make me wanna put vodka in them.
So I quit both. That was almost 3.5 years ago


I used to drink my vodka with ginger ale, and I gave up ginger ale when I got sober (41 days!) for the same reason. Switched over to fancy root beer or blood orange soda. The good pricey stuff so it feels special.

If it’s triggering, it’s gotta go


I am, indeed

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I’ve never been a fan of energy drinks. But I love coffee, and I drink the same amount everyday as early as possible, right after I wake up, because I want the caffeine to be out of my system at bedtime. For me caffeine withdrawal is lethargy, lack of energy, mind fog. I have no caffeine cravings, no urges to drink it. If that is your experience, you could try to control your intake like I do. But if you have cravings, you should not try to rely on your willpower to resist those monster drinks. Get rid of them like the others said.

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Caffeine was a rough one to tackle, but it can definitely be done. I suggest tapering if you are cutting out all caffeine or you will get some serious headaches. Also, give the remaining ones away or pour them out. Substitute with some type of fizzy drink or half caf or smoothies or whatever you prefer. Stay hydrated.