Energy Drinks

I have been drinking energy drinks probably since I was 15. I’m 21 now and have recently started drinking 2 a day… I have tried to quit before multiple times, but I always get depressed and can’t function, oh and huge headaches. Anyone else?


Have you tried tapering?

Yes I was bad into energy drinks… I have cut down significantly to maybe 1 every few weeks. When i initially stopped I was drinking up to 4 monsters a day cuz my family buys them in bulk from costco…i was also getting sharp pains in my chest near my heart…When I went from a bunch a day to zero, I was irritable beyond belief, tired all the time and just like had no energy. Now that I have gotten away from them for the most part I have been feeling so much better. Try drinking hot chai tea or any kind of black tea with a little sugar or honey to wean off

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Thanks. After drinking 2 again today, and feeling very strange… I’ve decided to quit for good.

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Yeah. Its so difficult :confused: