Enough with the PAWS already!

For the last few days I have been feeling pretty low, and except for the bills not getting paid this month (which is not new for me in the winter months) there are no reasons I should feel this way. It’s a little extra anxiety, a lot less energy and loss of focus at work and just short term memory loss (which makes me feel crazy). I looked up PAWS on here last night and found a few links explaining it, but nothing to fight it. It helped to remind myself that although 64 days sober, my brain has still much healing to do, but that’s also a bit scary as well. Ready for the roller coaster to be over.

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It’s a real bitch when it surfaces. I think I had PAWS last week combined with self inflicted fatigue from skiing 6 days in a row.

Meditation is a big help. It reduces as time goes by and is less frequent. Mine usually last about 3 - 5 days. You have to take the messages your body is sending you and respond appropriately.

Relax when you can.


Well my short term memory loss is blocking it, but I believe you have been sober much longer than I have. How many days for you?

Just over 10 months. I read it comes and goes for about 2 years. Hoping I’m not that long before it clears.

For me it’s the fatigue that’s the big killer. I tried exercising but it actually made me feel more tired rather than the usual energy it provides after a rest. Feeling better now.

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Yikes that was what I was afraid of! I mean, wow. So I’m sober 60+ days and it was long enough to start feeling, you know, right, then this happens and I switch right back to the whole psychological worry about anxiety and questioning why I’m feeling so tired. It took a couple of days to finally say to myself that this might be associated with being sober. And that was a real bummer to realize that I’m not outta the woods yet. And maybe for a few months!

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Look for the positives, you’re sober and not hungover, this will pass.

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Yes it’s comforting to hear that you’re doing better. Thanks!

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