Every day seems to be harder and harder

Hey guys. First time posting here. I’ve been sober from Xanax for almost 6 months (it’ll be 6 months December 27). I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made, but my anxiety is so crippling. I feel like I can’t do literally anything. Going to work is hard, I don’t hang out with people, and my anxiety stops me from getting important things done. I just feel like this is never going to go away. I’ve looked into other medications that can help with anxiety and I’m already on ssris, so I feel like their aren’t any other options. Since I’m so anxious it’s making me really depressed, and I feel completely hopeless. Don’t really know what I’m posting for… I guess to vent? But I am really struggling and don’t know how much longer I can take this.


Thanks for venting i wish i could help you out, i know i used to have panic attacks all the time, so i know about the anxiety, it can be crippling. However part of getting clean is living life on lifes terms and finally finding healthier ways to deal with your anxiety, you may want to let the doctor know the medicine isnt working so they can find something that works, hope you continue on your journey frirnd dont give up. I promise it does get better,

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I can get like this, I don’t take meds, well not anymore. I quit drinking almost 6 months ago and when I was faced with my anxiety and depression I started making everything revolve around feeling good. So I would start the day with a jacuzzi bath. Just soaking in hot water relaxes me and gives me time to process yesterday and get ready for today. As far as work goes I stopped killing myself for production and just started doing what I could manage. When I got home I would work out, no questions. Those endorphins you will create are tremendous mood boosters! Whatever you can muster, I just do calisthenics. After I would go for a walk. It’s important for me to get 1 thing done around the house everyday so I’m not staring at the same mess for days, this will lead to depression for me, under the weight of so many chores.

Idk if any of my advice will help. But just remember everything you do is for you and a better life. I hope things start feeling better.

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Thank you for your solid advice!!


DBT is what’s been keeping me afloat to be honest. I’ve had to make other lifestyle changes to like getting better sleep and exercising. My issue is social anxiety and using alcohol to deal with that and after work anxiety. I still don’t feel comfortable in social situations yet though, unfortunately. But I haven’t been working on it long so that’s to be expected. DBT is a type of therapy focused on a lot of meditation and useful acronyms filled with tips on what to do to handle different situations that cause painful emotions. Such as emotion regulation skills for day to day unpleasantness, tips for communicating with other people, distress tolerance for panic situations when you’re completely overwhelmed and want to freak to heck out and radical acceptance skills for things you can’t change.