Excited and scared

So tomorrow i start my job and im excited but scared all at the same time. I havent worked since may so im scared. I know im going to be tired and sore.


Best wishes to you!

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You’re gonna do great!

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My wife got the same way, she quit when the pandemic started because of the pandemic and general dislike for the shitty place she worked. She got the same job with a different outfit at the end of November and she was jazzed, scared, excited, just general blabbering mouth about it.

And she slid that old shoe right back on.

You’ll do great, just show up and be ready to work, what more could they ask for.


Good luck! Try to go into your new job with no preconcieved expectations.


Oops wrong person but I am sure you know


It’s a start, alot of people are scared of returning to work, but it will make you feel better in early recovery.

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I have been up since 3am and couldnt go back to sleep. Ready to start the day. Listening to music. Best way to start the day. I got this its going to be great.

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Have a great first day back!!

Thank you. Fresh start at a new job in a different town. Im working for coleman making coolers so it will be so different.