Expariance strength and hope

It’s odd… To think I once thought drinking and blazing to the extent I was ok. I know now it’s not but I still have cravings. Its the place i put myself i guess. My messy mind and addiction went on for so long I actually became at the very least abusing alcohol to the point of a addiction and smoked so much pot I am very chemically dependent on that. And at then end here I am trying to just put it behind me.

Today will be 3 days sober. I want to smoke weed but that will lead to a full blown relaps within the 1st puff to the last depressing sip. And i know this. So I will be avoiding that like covid

I guess recovery is working a little bit?
Reading and reaching out shows me my own pattern in others a little bit.
Wow I’m very grateful for that experience. To experience the outcome of others through reading.

A part of reaching out is someone coming to help shed some light on your subject which I think we need more of in my opinion. Someone expressed to me of being lonely and feeling they don’t fit in. I hope that person comes back some time
Also a part of shedding some light on a subject of interest is reaching out so don’t be afraid to reach out.

I’m going to do some reading out of AAs big book

Have a fantastic day everyone


Sounds good reading the big book you tried a meeting yet they will help and a sponsor get the tools in place it makes the journey easier wish you well

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Heyy ray

I havnt been to a AA meeting in wayyyy too long

It’s been about 9months without a meeting

I have a D.ual R.ecovery A.nnonmous meeting tomorrow at noon

DRA is with mental illness and addiction

In all, yes i would love to get back to AA

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