Experience during my relaps with pot

Resl quick cuz i have work in 2min

Lastnight made my wife cry because i wanted weed

The weed was all i thought about

Shes still mad

I took 1 hit and regret it

I feel so bad so much

Be back later

Weed is not your problem. You seem to want to self-sabotage every chance you get. I see you white knuckle your way through sobriety and it’s clearly not working. You get endless amounts of advice on this site. I will pray that someday you follow it.


Nothing changes if nothing changes my friend. What can you do differently next time to prevent a slip? When that obsession hits, what activities could help u pull out of that thinking? Distractions such as exercise or cleaning or a hobbie? An online meeting? Maybe coming on here before u pick up to allow us to help u thru it? Playing the tape to the end? Journalling? Sometimes if we have to try different things to see what will work for us during cravings. Hope ur day at work is going well :slight_smile:


Your bio states schizophrenia. Smoking weed worsens symptoms. Its like a diabetic pouring sugar down his throat. I thought i seen you write that your wife smokes also? She should quit with you instead of crying when you smoke


I was just as addicted to weed and any other substance I could get my hands on as I was to alcohol. To do this it has to be all or nothing mentality or your just gonna shift onto something else. OK so you smoked, can’t change that. The good think is first; you stopped. Second that you came clean about it here. Just because this happened doesn’t mean you lost everything you’ve learned so far. It just a reset of time. Get back on track and look forward. Hacking on yourself for something in the past doesn’t help in any way. Be proud your dealing with it and stay focused. Well done.

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I know it’s not what you want to hear but that sure sounds like she was upset that you were smoking weed, not that you were being a jerk.

I think you need to be honest with yourself and maybe think about rehab or some type of professional help with the weed addiction.


The fact you still have this laying around indicates that you aren’t serious about quitting.


Thank you everyone

I understand

Sending you all good vibes and thank you all for your advice


I do agree with getting rid of everything. When I first gave quitting weed a try I had an emergency stash and each time I would string a few days together but ultimately pick up again. It wasn’t until I finally got rid of everything that I haven’t gone back.
Is your wife willing to quit too in support of you?
You can do this, you know you can. Don’t give up on quitting weed. Remember the goodness of not being stoned


Hoping you have thrown away your drug paraphernalia by now. Those things no longer serve you.