Facing a New life

So a friend of mind asked me to go to the wine tasting at the local liquor store this week. They have them a couple times a year & they’re actually pretty fun… i usually go. I told her i was on sabbatical from alcohol & she took it pretty well, but it got me thinking about how i need to find new hobbies & things to do that don’t involve alcohol. I think this is the hard part of sobriety… breaking out of your old life & starting a new one. I know, it can be exciting too, but i must admit I got a little depressed thinking about how i wouldn’t be a part of the group that night. Then i remembered how much money i usually spend at those things while drunk & i felt a little better. On a positive note, we are finally getting lots of desperately needed rain today. The weather matches my mood. How’s everyone else doing?


@anon73712025, you are soooo right about the real difficulty of moving toward a new life with new activities. That’s definitely my biggest challenge too. In fact, that’s actually the secret to my sobriety. Sure, it’s against my comfort zone to work out, to spend time with my wife and family, to call buddies on the phone, to go to church. But it’s not as hard fighting my addiction. And if I don’t successfully transition into this new life, I will continue to fight my addict to the death until he knocks me out with a kick to the back of my head. It took me a long time to learn that lesson.

Day 66 and as much as I do support groups and church related activities I still feel alone and dont know wat to do with myself if I’m not doing any of those I just end up sleeping so I dont end up using I do believe my anxiety is getting the best of me pushing through these uncomfortable feelings is wearing me down mentally and emotionally I think I’ve hit a wall I can’t seem to get over

You have to find a way to be happy and content while being alone. We cannot depend on others to fulfill us and our needs(only God can do that) @Gail_Semones@anon73712025 I take hot yoga classes and they bring me so much peace and joy. I just started and I already can feel the benefits mentally and physically. Alot of studios have recovery yoga sessions as well! Don’t let the "fear of missing out " fool you. You’re not missing anything but less money in your account and a hangover.