Failed unfort

Well I was doing so well, stopped drinking for 24 days and started my long weekend with bottle of wine. I didn’t have any notions until tonight. Not happy

Dont turn around on your goals. It was a minor set back, dont stop quiting. The miracle of recovery can still happen.


You can do it. Just start again. It will be ok.

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I did the same thing on my 7th day in. Keep on the path, move ahead of this setback and look forward to the next 24, you can do it!

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How many bottles of wine will be enough to convince you that you’ve probably made a mistake by drinking the first one?

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oh noo…restart again…u can do it…now target for longer achievement…

Welcome back to your first day sober! Seriously, we all slip up, and all we can do is concentrate on NOW. What are we going to do right now?