Family Doctor

Can going to a family doctor help with the withdrawals at all? Is there anything they help me with, prescribed or point me in the right direction? Or will they just look at me like “why are you here you crazy loser crazy drunk”? I want to stop & be done once and for all but I’m not sure how to even go about when the withdrawals kick about 24-30 hours in. I have to able to function & carry out my day.

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If you feel like you should go see the doctor, go.

Good doctor’s aren’t there to judge, they’re there to help treat what ails you. If they can’t do something, chances are they know someone who can.

Withdrawals don’t last forever, unless you’re to the point of seizures/DTs/strong hallucinations, if those are happening seek medical help right away. If you you’re just feeling like regular crap, take some vitamins, especially b vitamins, stay hydrated, stay fed and they will pass.


If you have a good doctor, they should be able to help, advise and direct you as appropriate. Coming clean with my doctor was a real relief, though I didn’t do it until well into sobriety. But it felt good.