Family turmoil

Whole big dramatic, awful, crying, suicidal ideation day. Family stuff. Here is where I’d ordinarily insert alcohol. I’m really trying to hang in. Trying to remind myself that I don’t wanna start all over again or undo whatever it is I have done so far. I guess I’m writing it down and sending it out into the ether in the hopes that it will somehow help.

That aside I genuinely hope everyone’s had a wonderful weekend. Other than today mine wasn’t half bad actually. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers. :tulip::cherry_blossom::rose:


I’m sorry your having family issues right now. Hang in there. I know alcohol was always my family stress reliever too. It’s not worth it. Stay strong and happy Mother’s Day :blush:

Don’t do it! Go outside. Grab some fresh air. If you can walk alone get a podcast on - highly recommend Recivery Elevator - and go out for an hour. If you can only stand outside for a breather do that.
Make a cup of tea. Camomile. It’s calming. Deep breaths. Do some breathing exercises.
Don’t do it. You will feel even worse afterwards.
You got this.

Give yourself a big pat on the back. You’re learning how to cope without alcohol and that’s huge. We’re all going to have obstacles to overcome and every time we do it without a drink, it’s a big win.


How long have you been sober?

You’re doing good not inserting alcohol. Right now is a trying time for you and alcohol might make you feel better in the moment, but it will make you feel worse tomorrow and that will only add on to your emotional feelings. Give yourself the emotional gift of feeling success. Every day you deal with the difficulties in your life without alcohol, you’re showing how strong and successful you are because you are enough. You can do this. You are worth the effort and you matter to people. Never forget that.


Well it’s been rather an awful day but I have resisted so I suppose that’s something. I’m relieved to still be sober. I was on a walk and I easily could have made a poor choice but I kept it in my head that one day I’d like not to be frightened of alcohol. Frightened it will grab me at any moment and drag me down. Frightened of failure. I figure that each time I’m able to resist (especially when it’s particularly difficult) I’ll get that much closer to believing I’ve got a fighting chance at this. Even if it’s by mere inches. Wanting to get to a place where I can believe that kept me safe today.

Thank you very much for understanding, for caring and for the support. :heart:

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I was hoping someone could tell me why someone addressed me by my actual name? My real name appears nowhere. Why was someone able to address me by it?

Your name comes up under your user name.

Gee, not on my end. Well that does put a worried mind at ease. I can live with that. It freaked me out. I’d done so much to get distance from a boyfriend. I’m okay with this.

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I believe you can remove it… under preferences or settings.

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Well it is my name. I guess I’ll just leave it.

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Thank you Dragonfly. You’re a real chap.