Fatal, Progressive and Chronic

Hi everyone, I’m sober for 22 days now. This community turns out to be an unexpected source of encouragement and inspiration to me in many ways. I didn’t even know what I wanted when I joined this App in the first place, I was just tired and knew I had a problem. I’ve been reading all the stuff you guys post here everyday, and I’ve learned so much so far, and if I didn’t know what to do before, now I’m paving my path to recovery out of the experience and insights you guys share here. This is real, I’ve caused to much suffering both to my self and to the ones I love(d) and I’m not going back. My mind is made up, although I know the old conditioned mindset will try to trick me into drinking again. This is serious, and it’s not getting any better if we indulge ourselves to relapsing. It is fatal, progressive and chronic indeed! Life is better off sober. Stay strong guys!


Good luck on your journey, congratulations on becoming sober, I am glad you found this app it is a great one! I find with myself to keep me on track is to write in a journal everyday, walk/run everyday just to clear my head, post in here as often as I can especially if you are having a rough day, and find someone you can talk to when you are having a bad day or even when you are having a good day.


You can do it. Find hobbies and distractions to help you through. This sight is great. I’ve ranted raved and praised on this site. It has been something that has helped me through rough times. How many people can say they get great advice from all over the world. One thing is true no matter where you reside we all need a little help once in a while.


Thanks guys for all the support. Always! One day at a time. I’ll keep it up!


Nice to have you on our route to recovery!! :slight_smile:


Wow nice share. Thanks for that. Im on day 21 now and I really hope I will never catch up with you :wink:


It’s been almost an year since I created this topic, and here I am again.

I’m back to the community after leaving it 10 months ago - when I relapsed. I’m sober for 7 months and 15 days now.

Last time I relapsed - a short time after I posted on this thread - was the worst and I hit rock bottom for sure. It was a disaster. Ran up debts to my neck. Almost lost my job, the only thing I had left that kept my life from falling apart completely. By some miracle though, didn’t lose it.

I was a binge drinker. Didn’t drink regularly but, whenever I started it off, couldn’t stop it. Either I’d spent all my money to the last dime, black out, or get into some kind o trouble. You guys know how it goes. Now I’m back to the community and started reading my posts, and see how positive was my attitude, I felt confident, but again I slipped up. One of the most important things, at least in my experience, when it comes to addiction is to never lose sight of your enemy, doesn’t matter how long you are sober, you can be caught up if you are distracted. Like I was!

This time is different, I’m aware! Although not feeling like drinking anymore, having any cravings like I used to. I’m ready if it tries to creep back in. The mind of an addict is tricky, you gotta be alert and committed to your recovery at all costs. Do whatever is needed, you’ll get to a point where it is not as appealing as it used to be. It gets easier!

This time, I feel like I’ve quit for good. Looking back now, with more clarity, makes me realize how insane I was. This is not what we are. We are meant to be much more than this. Don’t throw your life away anymore.

All the best!


Thanks for sharing! Can I ask what it was that led to you relapsing?

I am about 3.5 months in, I feel pretty solid and happy with my choice. It looks like you were feeling that way too, so I’m just curious and hopefully it will help me/others recognise any potential signs and guard against them!

If it wasn’t for this app I don’t think I would have recognised some of those :snake: thoughts for what they are - oh just one won’t hurt, or you’re doing good, maybe you didn’t have a problem…

I felt I was ready to put myself out there in the world again, that I could go to places I used to, and have some fun without alcohol. My mistake! One thing led to another and I relapsed.

After that, I had to insulate myself for a while, give it time. As time passed, naturally my lifestyle changed completely.

Bottom line is to keep alert!