Favourite sobriety movie 😊

Just wondering what people’s favourite sobriety movie they watch for motivation to stay sober, my ones are 28 days (with Sandra bullock) or flight with (denzel Washington)


Flight was awesome, but a great movie that few people have heard of: “Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot” with Joachim Phoenix.


A million little pieces.

Beautiful boy.

Don’t worry he won’t get far on foot.


Clean and Sober with the only true Batman. He also did an amazing job in Dopesick.

Mary Goes Round was ok.

Four good days is really good too. Not about alcohol, but I liked it a lot.

Loudermilk is a good comedy series worth checking out, too.

I am always looking for new movies or shows about alcoholism or addiction.


Forgot to mentioned Smashed.
I related to that one a lot. It was really good.


Oh yeah, FLIGHT! It’s scary how out of control he gets. Saw it in rehab and it really rattled me. The insanity of his behaviour and him thinking he was still in control! :grimacing:


‘When a Man Loves a Woman’ with Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia. Bit unrealistic but still good. The shower scene with Meg and her daughter is a tear jerker for me (hits home)!

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I posted this in another group… mental health and psychiatric drugs, and anger and not accepting what is are the themes,…fucked up peeps find love. Good film. Robert de Niro too. :rainbow:


I liked Flaked (tv show - 2 seasons)
Will Arnett is the lead and he’s in recovery.


Not a movie, but I love the series ‘Mom’. I can relate to it well and it’s also good fun to watch. Looking forward to my binge tonight. Tuesday night is just for me and the telly. No boyfriends allowed!! :grin::heart:


Ooh is it on replay somewhere?..


This isn’t a movie… but I absolutely love the TV series “Mom”. It’s about recovery and meetings and dealing with everyday life. I find alot of Recovery movies, Intervention, etc very triggering for me for some reason :woman_shrugging: But I found “Mom” enjoyable to watch. It’s funny too.

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I really like ‘thanks for sharing’.


I’ve been wanting to see Clean and Sober.

Rachel Getting Married is good.

Beautiful Boy had me in tears.

Ben is Back is good too, but I think I liked Beautiful Boy more.

And like others mentioned above, I love the tv show Mom. I also liked Season 1 of Flaked but not so much Season 2.


I know it’s been a bit since you posted this, but it reminded me of something I saw on my other favorite website:

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Here are a variety of movies regarding trying to get sober…not all are redemption stories however…and some have already been mentioned…

The Lost Weekend (old, but a classic)

A Star is Born (has been made 4 times I believe, obviously Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga version is pretty awesome…tho not exactly a redemptive movie)

When A Man Loves A Woman

Leaving Las Vegas (incredibly depressing)

Smashed (oh my heart)

Bob and the Monster (I love Bob!!)

Flight (the first time I saw this, I had no idea what it was about…I loved it!!!)

Barfly (I haven’t seen this in years)

The Rose (Bette Midler as Janis Joplin, tho not ‘officially’)…love the theme song

Walk the Line (Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash, nuff said)

Gia (I have always been a little obsessed with Gia, there is a great book on her life as well. This movie stars a young Angelina Jolie, well cast!!)


Rachel Getting Married (great book)

28 Days

Clean and Sober

Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot (another Joaquin Phoenix movie, a great one)

Postcards from the Edge (great book…and great cast!)

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Shame (dir. Steve McQueen; starring Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan) - sex addiction

Do you know… I just fricking noticed the quote in the middle!.. Very apt for recovery tho huh…:laughing:

Non of those on Netflix :neutral_face:

There is a Scottish film called My Name is Joe which is well worth a watch if only for the opening monologue … but worth watching it to the end :wink:

A Star is Born (I’ve only seen the new one, not the original) was an unexpected one that really got me although without ruining the movie there was another theme that I have been affected by too which was equally hard hitting.

Sobriety is also a sub-plot in a film called Warrior which, for any MMA fans, is an incredible film.