Feel like giving up

I’m hopeless, completely hopeless. I have been struggling with addiction for years and recently got sober (4 months exactly). The reason why I was able to do so was because of my really good friend C. She was helping me so much with my process and always being there for me when I need her…
But a couple of weeks ago she decided to part ways with me because of some personal things she was going through. Tbh I’m really sad, heartbroken if I’m honest. I feel so lost and confused and all I want to do is get completely hammered right now. Ugh god help me!!


Heart break is a horrible feeling. I’m sorry to hear that it happens to you. It’s never pleasant and the only thing that cures it is time. I hope you are able to stay focused on all that you have accomplished and how strong your body is getting. If you continue down your road the health and sobriety you will find yourself in even better relationships with even more dynamic people. I know there is no consolation whe your heart is aching but I hope you are able to find your way to an inspiration to keep up with everything you’ve done for yourself.

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I just don’t know how much longer I can resist it. She was a huge help and now I really don’t know what to do. It’s so hard to be going through sobriety with a heart ache…

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Im about four months sober too.

I have also recently had someone who has been very positive in my life become unavailable. She is going through some challenges. Its been hard for me not to take it personal and feel abandoned.

I have chosen to give her space and let her process what she is going through.

I have also learned that i am responsible for my recovery and my own happiness.

If I rely on someone else I get disappointed every time.

Its hard at times. But its worth it!

Stay sober. You will only be let down if you seek happiness through drinking or drugging.

I know because I have tried many times.

Glad your here!


You gotta love on yourself more. 4 months, that’s amazing! And guess what?? You did that shit, you didn’t pick up! One day at a time, keep plugging away at it. You got this shit.

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I’m sorry your going through a rough time . I know it’s hard but have u got a higher power? U need to learn on it get connected and not let anyone get in the way of your sobriety x

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Every single one of these comments are absolutely correct! It’s all about you first! You have to completely and totally depend on yourself for your own happiness! Yes of course we depend on others for part of our healing for part of our sobriety! But when it comes to are sobriety 100% it’s up to us and only us! Don’t give up! Don’t pick up! Maybe you can look up! And find a higher power!


I know it’s hard but You know it’s going to be just as hard if your drinking.
The heartache will pass in the same amount of time if you’re sober or not and it’s going to suck wether you’re sober or not. I know it’s hard as f*** but when the heartache passes you’re either going to be 6 months sober or back on day 1.

You got this man. Heartache is a pain but it passes. It teaches us how to push beyond pain.

Set your calendar for 2 months from now and start marking down the days. Every day it will get easier.


Oh I really do feel for you losing someone so close is I know so painful,but you were lucky to have that 4 months support to get you up and on your feet per say,maybe now is your time to work your recovery as in the end only ourselves can do it,sit was the pain don’t try to push it away each time you do this you will become more centered with it and it will become more bearable,your a strong person you can do this be gentle with yourself be kind to yourself and others and keepbreaching out on here.

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