Feelin' blue

…chips! Woke up today 6 months sober. Humbled to be in such good company today (:heart:) and I trust all through the week. Finding this forum and AA has completely changed the way I look at Life, and for that I am forever grateful.

Happy Sunday, sober fam.


Congrats man! Well done, well earned. :slight_smile:

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Hell yea!! Congrats!!

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Way to go, @Eke!!! Huge accomplishment. Very happy for you!

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My soul brother!!!

There aren’t words snazzy enough to congratulate you on this miracle. You inspire me every single day. Well done, my dear friend.


Way too go man. You work a great program and always try to stay introspective, keep trudging that road homie, just gotta follow the well worn path of millions who trudged it in front of you.

We makin it 1 day at a time.


So happy for you @Eke, my fellow Chicagoan (who cares if you are on the west coast now!). I just love your uplifting, encouraging and optimistic style. You keep me and so many motivated. Way to go, man!


Yasss! :raised_hands:

That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing your journey so far with us… Looking forward to sharing more hikes, animals, tea, ups, downs and philosophising with you! :heart:

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