Feeling accomplished and pretty darn good and proud

So, ive always been an introvert and home body. I put on my life face when i exit the door for work or when meeting with colleagues and authors. But during free time, in order to do anything social i needed pain meds (they made me chatty). Well this weekend i actually went to a small jazz club with my family in the city for music and dinner. On sat, i went to my son’s friends home for a pool party, and yesterday i accomplished many tasks around the home…all opiate and coke free – AND ENJOYED MYSELF! I feel really accomplished that i was able to overcome my social anxieties and actually had fun!! During it all i kept saying to myself, it feels so nice to live without my life and actually enjoy the moments without drugs, anxiety, stress or worry. I feel like im ready to reach out and discover more of what life has to offer. I realize this may not seem like a big step to some, but for me i felt so free and alive. Anyway, just wanted to share a happy moment with y’all. Can’t wait to discover what this day has to offer. Peace.


This was an uplifting post. Thanks for sharing, it sounds like you’re on a really good path of recovery.

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