Feeling all the feelz

Today marks 690 days sober. Ive been at this journey since Jul 9th 2021 and almost at my 2 yrs mark. Today is the first time I’ve contemplated a drink in a very long time. Lately my mind has just been all over the place and talk about feeling all the feels. I know a drink is not gonna solve any thing but cause more problems and waking up with regrets. I am just so angry that the idea of a drink even crossed my mind. Will that idea of a stiff drink ever fully go away? Im just here for moral support.


Hey there, its really amazing how fat youve gone.
I dont believe that the thought will ever go away, but for sure there will be a point where you will think of it, look at it and it will cause not effect at all, just like an ex girlfriend, at firt it hurts so much jus to think that the person you loved is now with someone else doing everything that she did with you and saying to someone else those things once were said to you etc etc.
But suddenly that person stops being so important and stop stealing your peace, even if you think the things that hurt you before, now they are jist simple memories ad even you are greatful that that person went away coz oppened the door for someone much better
Same with alcohol, one day will mean nothing a you will see yourself in a much better place thanks to the decision to say no to it. It was real so you will never forget, but for sure you can get over it.


Congrats on two years sober. I am not sure if the risk of cravings ever goes away.


Firstly, well done. 690 days is a really great number, you should be proud of what you’ve achieved :muscle:

I’m not sure it ever really goes away, it’s the nature of the beast. It’s the addiction giving you a kicking, we just have to keep pushing back.

If you hear yourself saying the words ‘just one drink won’t hurt’, you are in danger :warning: Do whatever it takes to protect your sobriety. I drank for 14 months every day after saying those words, so tread very carefully.

I can say ‘I absolutely despise alcohol’ and then say ‘I’m scared I’ll never be able to have a glass of wine again’ all in one sentence. Nuts, isn’t it? It’s the addict talking. I know what I really want is a clean sober life far more than a stiff drink that will leave a trail of destruction after me.


I think no that as long as there is advertising that glamourises drinking, glitzy bottles and the companies selling it are allowed to make out like it’s this amazing life style choice… There will be cravings. That advertising and the way other people then jump onto it (IE Facebook post of them being on holiday and holding a drink, smiling) will have an inciduous impact on your own thinking, which then comes out as cravings.

We can only hope that alcohol eventually goes the same way as cigarettes… Let’s face it, alcohol is linked to multiple forms of cancer… The same way that cigarettes now have pictures of cancerous lungs and rotted gums, that should be the same with alcohol, it shouldn’t be advertised and should be hidden from view in the shops.