Feeling alright

Feeling a little better this morning. Remembering that i shouldnt worry about things i cant control. And just fixing the things i can. Going to work grateful that i still have my job and wont be losing it any time soon. Feels good to feel good today. Just going to worry about today and leave tomorrow for tomorrow.


Nice one!

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U only have to stay away from the first drink today and deal with tomorrow when it comes


Adding to all of that ive decided to get back into my diet. Which is Definitely going to help. Come thanksgiving I’ll be drinking hot cocoa (not part of the diet but hey one cup wont kill me :blush:) and water. Its making me more excited that ill have a sober holiday with the fam. Even if they choose to drink. This Will be one I’ll remember for sure. And I’m beyond stoked about it.


Great attitude your go far with it . X

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