Feeling kinda anxious today

I can’t put my finger on any real reason for it. Maybe it is “back-to-school”. Maybe it is the transition into my new job. Maybe it is planning my husband’s 50th birthday this weekend. Maybe it is all of them put together. None of it seems overly stressful on their own but maybe it is all of it at the same time. Or…maybe it is nothing and it is just a general feeling of anxiety…some PAWS.

I’m just feeling fidgety and I don’t like it. I think it is time for a tea break.


I get anxious a lot. Sometimes I can’t pin point the reason behind it. I have found that if I spend too much time figuring out why I’m anxious it makes me feel worse. So, I just accept it and work through it. Good luck


That’s a shit ton of things going on - anyone would be anxious. If anyone shared this information with you, you would most likely e compassionate. Be the same with yourself. Take time to relax in between tasks.


I’ve woken up the last 3 days to panic attacks. Not bad ones, but still not pleasant. I’ve also noticed a change in my energy levels and focus. For me this usually means an onset of a manic episode. Sometimes I forget my Bi-polar is there and it sneaks up on me. My symptoms are less now that I’m sober but it doesn’t go away. I’ve learned, at rehab, to identify early signs of an episode so I can take action to reduce symptoms. I need to meditate more, change my diet and exercise patterns and not get caught up in my symptoms. I made a conscious choice, with my previous psychiatrist, that I am not going to medicate my disease, and instead will use coping mechanisms to manage symptoms. I also have to accept that I am Bi-polar and that these episodes will happen.


Have been feeling anxious this week too.

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Me too you guys. Of course I looked up my transits and there it was. But still. Tired of the ups and downs. Staying sober forever though.

Just breathe, go for a walk in the sunshine if you can :sun_with_face:


I do need to do all those things. I haven’t meditated in months, my diet is a little bit loosey goosey right now due to time commitments (a LOT of take out and delivery), and I NEVER exercise!!!

Update…I was able to distract myself pretty good. I went and poured a cup of tea and realized that I had a meeting to get too (part of the new job). That kept me distracted for an hour. Then I shared the information from the meeting with others…30 minutes. Had lunch, sent out some emails, got some work done… Suddenly it is 1:30 and I had forgotten that I ever had the anxiety attack at all.

I can still feel something in my chest…but it is barely there. I’ll be good.



I’ve noticed that when I eat a late dinner it seems to up my anxiety during the night. I also stopped taking my magnesium supplement, which I should probably start again.

I feel anxious too today. Like I said my introducing post, I was killing loneliness with my drinking. Now I realized that when I feel lonely my other demon is raising his head and it’s gambling. I need to be super active all the time or else I will start to gamble again. Or drink.
Also one of my friend invite me to drink with him. We have not met in a long time so catching up after a long time feels good. But he wants to sit down and have drinks too. He doesn’t know I have problem with my drinking so this is really stressing.

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