Feeling like the biggest loser in the world. Relapsed after one whole day of sobriety

2 days ago I sweared that it was the last time. I’ve been on this road for almost 3 years now, it really escalated last year when my dad died. I just could not stop lying to myself yesterday and tell myself “just one more time”
Sorry for the rant and please excuse my bad english.


Welcome to the community. Getting started and building days is the hardest part.

Take a look around this group and read a lot. There are many people here that will encourage you to make a plan, it’s almost impossible to make the change without a plan. How will you fill your time? What will you do when a craving hits? Will you go to some meetings? Are you telling the people around you what your plan is?

I wish you the best in this challenging journey.


Maybe a different approach is needed ,maybe try a meeting might help ,helped me stay sober wish you well


Welcome. The first steps are the hardest. Recovery seems so different to how we are used to living. But it can be done. What are you doing now to quit? Read the pinned post about what a ‘plan’ is, and make a new plan. :purple_heart:


Thank you for your kind replies. I am currently trying to get over the craving by doing some fitness and I cut off contact with people that I pretty much only had as friends to get high with.


Certainly looking after and respecting your body with exercise (and also sleep and food) much better than abusing it with poison. You are worth looking after yourself. :purple_heart: