Feeling lonely? Worried about the weekend?

Feeling lonely in your new sobriety and are fearing the weekend trigger? Here are some ideas… (please post your own ideas as well for the newly sober)

Go to an AA meeting, introduce yourself. A lot of AAs get together after a meeting to go eat or have coffee together.

Sit and read at a late night cafe and coffee shop

Go window shopping, visit a museum, or a place you’ve always wanted to visit in your town

Go on a day trip somewhere new

Call a friend and go try a new restaurant

Go to a craft store and try a new craft or hobby

Go to the movie theatre and enjoy popcorn and candy

Bundle up and go on a hike outdoors

Make dinner, a movie, and a mocktail at home

Go see live music

Visit a library

Volunteer in your community (food shelter, hospital, animal shelter, etc)

Read sobriety articles online

Have a garage sale or go donate your unused items

Make homemade postcards and send to loved ones

Pick a new recipe and go shopping for the ingredients

Take your dogs for a walk


Great ideas the first one AA meeting for ME .As you sayMelrm aftermeets are good go for a coffee and my group we go for meals together and visit other groups car full of allkys on its way to a meeting to meet new friends and on the way back fish and chips and great banter and laughter . we also go hill walking at weekends and AA conventions and dances i have two businesses that keep me busy and most of my time when not with family im on the phone to my AA friends and living a sober life dont need to be lonely anymore , be safe and have a good evening